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Here is the "last" release of the unimodpack series from the Unimatrix One mod team. This is a "massive" archive with (26) ships from various races included. Everything from Armada: II Klingon Ports, to SFC2/OP Hydrans (3), Lyrans (9), and (2) Orion Pirate ships. This mod pack also contain some stock BC Kitbash (4) Federation ships of unusual and intresting design. And a cool P81 Romulan Nova Class and (5) P81 Federation ships.

There was suppose to be a unimodpack 5 and 6. But the team disbanded before they were released. I'll contact Darkdrone to see if he still has them.

This is definatley worth having a look at.



welcome to the unimodpack4 from the unimatrix one team

26 ships for bridge commander below is a list of ships we have done for this modpack
big thankyou to pnuemonic81 for letting us use thes ships in this modpack and crazyhid and laurelin for all of thier work on the weapons on these ships

hope you enjoy them

unione team


1. uss foxfire / darkdrone/ CRAZYHID/ Totally Games (kitbash)
2. uss guyver
3. uss encounter
4. uss prophecy
5. uss excalibur/ pneumonic81/ darkdrone/ laurelin
6. uss araxes
7. uss george w. bush
8. uss ajax
9. uss venture


1. k17/ pneumonic81/ darkdrone/ laurelin
2. fekhlr/ darkdrone/ laurelin/ maddoc software
3. teklhr/ darkdrone/ laurelin/ maddoc software (kitbash)
4. colony/ darkdrone/ laurelin/ maddoc software


1. Nova/ pneumonid81/ darkdrone/ laurelin


1. leopard/ darkdrone/ laurelin/ taldren software
2. lion
3. lioness
4. lionessX/ darkdrone/ laurelin/ taldren software (kitbash)
5. lionX taldren software (kitbash)
6. tiger
7. tigerX  taldren software (kitbash)
8. ltransport1
9. ltransport2 taldren software (kitbash)


1. battleship/ darkdrone/ laurelin/ taldren software (kitbash)
2. carrier/ darkdrone/ laurelin/ taldren software
3. dragoon/ darkdrone/ laurelin/ taldren software

Orion Pirates

1. godfather/ darkdrone/ laurelin/ taldren software
2.  viking/ darkdrone/ laurelin/ taldren software

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