USS Anubis NX-4718 (KM and Remastered Versions)

212965-185008-USS Anubis NX-4718 v1_2.7z —


The USS Anubis NX-4718 was a Constitution Refit variant in service in the late 23rd and early 24th Century, serving as an exploratory role and diplomatic cruiser.

This mod has been updated with a plug-in to load the ship into your ship list as "X-Era Ships" and to use the "Photon 5" script for Photon Torpedoes in Remastered v1.2.  The phaser sfx for the Remastered version have also been updated to use "Ambassador Phaser" sfx for Remastered v1.2 compatibility.  The NanoFX Blinkers have also been removed for stability in Remastered.



Lost Era Refit, Constitution-Class - U.S.S. Anubis

Ship Name: U.S.S. Anubis - Lost Era Constitution Refit

Ship Class: Heavy Cruiser

Race: Federation

Date Completed: 08/27/2005

The ship comes pre-loaded with the NX registries, but also comes with NCC registries.

Original models and textures done by Wicked Zombie45 of Demon Renegade Studios.

http://www.universeatwar.org/drs/   Contact: [email protected]

Kitbash of model, story background, ship registries, retexture work, rehardpointing, spec creation done by F9thDaihak.  contact: [email protected]

Bussard textures done and used with permission by Fallen_Warrior of OutaLance Shipyards.

In constructing this ship, I used the LN_68 nacelles with different textures, and attached a warp joint to them.  I used the secondary hull of the Refit_Constitution by Wicked Zombie,
and the saucer off the Warlock also made by Wicked Zombie.  

Kitbash done and released with permission from Wicked Zombie45.

Please refer to original ReadMe file for additional information.  All conditions concerning the use and distribution of this ship are subject to the original author's guidelines.


This ship was intended for use in a patched, unmodded version of SFC3, and has only been tested with the 534b patch.

I personally have no problems with this ship being converted to other versions of SFC, or even other games, but you must seek the approval of Wicked Zombie45 before such attempts are made.

If this ship is to be converted, this readme is to be included in its unaltered state, along with the readme for the original model/s, also in their unaltered state.

Updated 2023-05-15 by MSR1701 wtih the following changes:
- script for Torpedoes updated to use "Photon 5" (Pre-TNG Torpedoes) for BC RE v1.2
- the phaser sfx script has been updated to use "Ambassador Phaser" sfx for BC RE v1.2
- Ship Plugin added to load the ship under "X-Era Ships"
No other changes were effected to the model, textures and scripts on this update.

This program is not made or supported by Activision. You may distribute this program freely as long as the original archive is distributed and no part of it, including this document, is modified or missing.

Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and related properties are Registered Trademarks of Paramount Pictures registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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