USS Artemis

This is the USS Artemis from Collective Alliance.

While the design may not be that of a sleak vessel it does not stop the ship looking gr...


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This is the USS Artemis from Collective Alliance.

While the design may not be that of a sleak vessel it does not stop the ship looking great in game. Alos you'll be pleasantly suprised by the gameplay this ship gives, the hardpoint is not overpowered but it does fit the role of the vessel. The ship is rather agile however it needs to be with its less-than-powerful shields and average payload. You will also be pleasantly suprised by the sound effects that come with the ship, they are very origional and add an extra element to the mod.

The ship comes in a nice .exe file its easy to install.

Overall it's a nice ship and worth adding to your fleet.

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Download 'ca_ussartemis.rar' (5.01MB)



Three years ago the original Selfridge Class suffered from a failed slipstream test and therefore Starfleet engineers were forced to decommission the vessel, however they kept its general design when they constructed the Selfridge A. The success of this vessel proved to be better than expected for Starfleet, and therefore it was decided to re-introduce the original Selfridge design however featuring the tried and tested components of the Selfridge A.

The Selfridge project was re-opened and the U.S.S Artemis, which was originally scheduled to be the second Selfridge Class was constructed. The intention of Starfleet was that ships such as the Artemis would prove to be efficient and reliable vessels that are able to traverse space at higher speeds using slipstream whilst keeping all essential systems. The failures of the original Selfridge had been overcome and a more reliable frigate with the intentions of deep exploration was born.

Tactical Analysis:

*17 Heavy Burst Phasers
*4 Torpedo Launchers (Photon & Quantum)
*Slipstream Drive
*Shuttle Bay: Complement x5 Type 6

Originating from the Selfridge Class design, the USS Artemis is intended as a deep space exploration frigate, however it is equipped to deal with any threats which may arise. The phaser arrays fitted onto the Artemis have been considerably upgraded since the first Selfridge, derived from the Enterprise Initiative they are a downgraded version from those onboard the Selfridge A. The Artemis also features an enhanced hull plating which was first used with the Selfridge A to counter the stresses of Slipstream drive, this makes the ship more stable and less likely to come under heavy stress during warp or slipstream.

Bridge Commander
Official 1.1 Patch
Latest Foundation

Important note: 


Recommended Mods

NanoFX2.0b – For blinkers;23469

Shuttle Launching (Optional)


Extract the files using WinRar into a temporary directory and then extract the DATA, SCRIPTS, SFX folders into your BC installation and overwrite any files when asked. In QB select the vessel from the Fed menu and enjoy.


Model: Nebula & Modifications by Cube
Textures: Gdluque & Modifications by Dragon
Mapping: USS Phoenix
Glows/Speculars: Gdluque
Hardpoint: Dragon/Gdluque (original Hp by USS Phoenix)
Weapons: Dragon
Icon: Dragon
SFX: Activision/Dragon
Testing: Gdluque/Cube/Nebula/Dragon/Shinzon/Sovereign1701

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Copyright 2006 Collective Alliance – All Rights Reserved

Note: We’d also like to express our support for our modding friends BCS: TNG, and ask that you download their latest work, “The Beginning”, an amazing project which introduces an entirely new level to Bridge Commander.

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