USS Artemis Bridge

This is a conversion for the ambassador bridge into the USS Artemis Bridge.

The bridge has been lightened to create a more contemporary f...


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This is a conversion for the ambassador bridge into the USS Artemis Bridge.

The bridge has been lightened to create a more contemporary feel, the lcars have been updated to the Intrepid era.

While there has been an obvious amount of effort put into this I'm not too fond of the result. The red carpet is a little overpowering, the LCARs are underlit in places, and there also a few areas where the wrong fonts have been used, also the way that the bridge has been brightened up has resulted in the red alert status being barely noticable.

Overall this is a good mod however the quality lets it down a bit, download this if you are a selfridge class fan.

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Download 'ca_artemisbridge.rar' (9.2MB)



This is the bridge of the USS Artemis, the second Selfridge Class vessel that we recently released. It is a redone of one the great Bridges created by Capt. LC Amaral, Viper Leader, Sneaker98 and KirkNCC1701. It loads as a separate bridge and includes all necessary files except the requirements listed, also comes complete with a variety of new SFX to create a new feeling for this bridge. We hope you enjoy this!

Bridge Commander
Official 1.1 Patch
Latest Foundation
Dashers Bridge Plug-in

Important note: 



Extract the files using WinRar into a temporary directory and then extract the DATA, SCRIPTS, SFX folders into your BC installation and overwrite any files when asked. In QB select the bridge called Artemis in order to use. And enjoy

Original Credits
Model design : paramount
Textures : Cpt. LC Amaral & Viper Leader 
Mesh : Cpt. LC Amaral & Viper Leader
Lightmaps : Cpt. LC Amaral
Porting : Cpt. LC Amaral
Animations : Cpt. LC Amaral
Scripting : Cpt. LC Amaral & Sneaker98 & Dasher42
Beta Testing : DAP beta team
V1.2 Fixes : KirkNCC1701

Collective Alliance Credits
Concept: Gdluque
Textures: Gdluque
Scripting: Dragon
SFX: Dragon & Activision
Testing: Gdluque/Cube/ Dragon/Sovereign1701

Please do not use any components of our work without our permission, its just polite.
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We are not responsible for any damage to your game or computer. All files have been virus scanned prior to being uploaded. . If you encounter any problems we shall try to solve them…please see our contact details.

Star Trek belongs to Paramount Viacom ©.
Copyright 2006 Collective Alliance – All Rights Reserved

Note: We’d also like to express our support for our modding friends BCS: TNG, and ask that you download their latest work, “The Beginning”, an amazing project which introduces an entirely new level to Bridge Commander.;59227

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