USS Columbus

Excelsior kitbash with awacs type sensor pod


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Excelsior kitbash with awacs type sensor pod

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====Starforce Productions Commendant Refit====

USS Columbus 1.2


Model and textures: P81
Kitbash: FOAS
Texture enhancements: GAFY
Registrey: F9thDaihak
Weapons: Dreamyards
HP and conversion: Starforce2

One of the things that came from the dominion war was the realisation by starfleet that it could not continue to operate effectivley with a fleet of vessels that were built during the careers of most of it's current officers parents or grandparents still surving as the fleet's "backbone". One step in updating the fleet, incluidng the eventual phase-out of the Miranda, was to salvage and repair all surviving type 1 Excelcior classes directly to the type 2 refit, like the Enterprise B. Those Type 1's which did survive the Dominion war with minimal damage, including the frankiensien configurations, would continue to serve and slowly be refit after those badly damaged were either refit or scrapped for raw materials. Type one Nacelles we used for parts to repair non-warp capable vessels able to accept excelcior nacelles on their space frames and return them to space dock, or to repair type one Excelciors with disabled engines. The Excelcior type 2's currently in service were delegated to science and colony services, such as this vessel. The Columbus, along with other Commendant variants, were given leftover sensor pods from Nebula class vessels which had been upgraded to combat pods. These vessels then became communications relays and sensor vessels for colony worlds and starbases damaged in the dominion wars, or other areas where relays and sensor stations had been destroyed. This vessel, and several others like it, were given extra cargo bays instead of the traditional outboard engine. These vessels were given the job of resupplying federation colonies and starbases that would normaly take months to reach by traditional freighter, and require extra resources to be delegated to protect said cargo vessels for that length of time. Excelcior classes could complete the journey much faster and need less of an escort, or, no escort at all freeing up patrol ships for actual patrol duity and distributing much needed supplies faster. Duites included restocking of personell to depleted bases, trasporation of torpedoes and shuttlecraft from manufaturing sites to shipyards and starbases, and to scour known dominion hideouts and asteroid belts with the high powered planetary sensors for left over dominion technology, personell, or materials which could be mined in increase raw materials for new vessels.

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