USS Excelsior B

A Sovereign on steroids. Stronger shields, tougher hull and subsystems (in fact some subsystems have more hitpoints than an entire ambassad...


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A Sovereign on steroids. Stronger shields, tougher hull and subsystems (in fact some subsystems have more hitpoints than an entire ambassador class), stronger phasers and incredibly powerful torpedos (2 hellfire will destroy a Sovereign). Also the torps are very maneuverable - If they miss the target they'll keep orbiting it until they hit. In my opinion, a semi god ship. == WARNING ! == 1. The TGL file is in the wrong folder. 2. The .py weapon files have errors so the torps have no sounds. 3. There's an included sphere.tga file that will replace your current shield texture unless you delete it before installing this ship.

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Download 'ussexcelsiorb.rar' (3.57MB)

Programmer:	CaptainBryan(CaptainCook/CaptainRussell)

-Bridge Commander
-Advanced Technologies Pack(for the phase cloak)

	The USS Excelsior(NCC-2000-B) was unveiled in the mid-2380s as a stronger version of the Sovereign-class(not a Refit/Intimidator-class).  Tricobalt, hellfire, and transphasic torpedoes as well as stronger shielding, a greater amount of ablative hull armor, as well as a phasing cloak based off of the USS Pegasus device are just a few of the upgrades present aboard the USS Excelsior-B.  This download also includes a new shield texture!!!
	Like any ship or ship hardpoint that I've put out, this ship will likely need its mass, moment of inertia, and tractor beam power lowered significantly in order to mix appropriately with other player's ships.  In order to do this, open the file "" in "scripts/ships/Hardpoints" and find the lines for the tractor beam methods and set their damage values lower(to a value about 20% more powerful than the tractor beams of your Nebula-class starship).
	To lower the ship's mass, open up the hardpoint file for your Galaxy-class starship and find the line which says something like "Galaxy.SetMass("m")" where "m" is the mass of your Galaxy-class.  Take this value and multiply it by exactly 0.85 and enter this value for the USS Sovereign's mass; its mass method should be something like "Sovereign.SetMass("whatever")" where "whatever" is the old mass - replace the old mass with the one you've just determined.
	The moment of inertia(rotational inertia) of a starship determines how likely the ship is to rotate and how fast it will rotate if a tangential force is applied to its hull.  A ship with a moment of inertia that is too small will spin out of control very easily, whereas a ship with a moment of inertia and mass that are too large will fly around like a battering ram, even knocking starbases and stations away from it at high speeds! A good moment of inertia for the U.S.S. Sovereign is one that is about 1,500,000 times its mass, so to find this moment of inertia, multiply the mass you've just determined by 1,500,000 and enter it in the method "Sovereign.SetRotationalInertia("I")" where "I" is the moment of inertia that you just determined.

	Extract RAR archive somewhere and then cut/copy and paste the "data", "scripts", and "sfx" folders into your "Bridge Commander" folder.  The "Ship TGLs" folder contains a TGL that goes into the "BC-Mod Packager" folder.  Enjoy.

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