USS Ian Curtis NCC-31360 (KM and Remastered Versions

212988-185008-USS Ian Curtis NCC-31360 v1_2.7z —


The USS Ian Curtis NCC-31360 was a battleship design in service during the early-to-mid 24th Century.

This mod has been updated with a plug-in to load the ship into your ship lists under "X-Era Ships."  The Remastered version has been updated to use "Photon 5" for compatibility with Rematered v1.2.



====Starforce Productions Curtis Dreadnought====

Original model and textures: P81
Texture Enhancements: Gafy?
Conversion and hp: Starforce2
weapons: P81 connie


6X standard dual ball turrets
6x single ball turrets
2x Fwd/Aft Megaphaser cannons
4x 2 shot fwd torpedo tubes

The Curtis class DN Uses a miranda saucer with a constitution hull to provided the nessecary room for the power generation systems needed to operate 3 nacelles and the heavy weapons. You lose all aft torpedo capability, but the vessel has a powerfull alpha strike. It's weight reduces it's acceleration and turning ability. It also has 3 shuttlebays for rapid deployment of assault shuttles.

Updated 2023-05-18 by MSR1701 wtih the following changes:
- script for Torpedoes updated to use "Photon 5" (Pre-TNG Torpedoes) for BC RE v1.2
- Ship Plugin added to load the ship under "X-Era Ships"
No other changes were effected to the model, textures and scripts on this update.

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