USS Maximus



This ship is amazing. You can have it with or with out a cloaking deivce. It's quite fast and moauverable. Another great addition to your collection.

This is the light cruiser of the four ships. Get all three now! (USS Mako, USS Maximus, USS Rock Island & 1701-G)



Mars station vessel

Instructions for install:

1) Unzip files to a temp directory
2) Drag the folders into your root BC directory and overwrite.
3) Mod is compatable with BCMP/foudnation system for adding ships to the game. Instructions vary slightly depending on version, so add like you would any other ship.
4) Blow something up.

Medium res textures (256*256) only at this time. High res textures may come later.


[email protected]
find the bridge commander section of that forum if you need additional help.

Model and texture=Joker. Joker does not wish his textures altered, so please do not alter them! (He will not give permission)
Please ask permission before you use this in your mod.

Site url:

Scripting and debugging: Executioner.de and markallen.

beta testing (and excessive nitpicking): starforce2


6 phaser banks (4 ventral, 2 dorsal)
torpeedos 2 foreward firing (quantum, enhanced phased plasma)
2 rapid fire polaron pulse cannons
tractor beams
optional cloak.

This ship has moderate speed and mauvering.

This ship has no aft weaponry. Use your hard-hitting pulse weapons when making a fore attack, along with tractor and torpedo's.

If you use cloak, cloak when you are not in fire arcs, as you have no rear weapons. Avoid allowing your ventral pod to be hit, it contains sensors and the cloak emitter.

Tested against 9 of 9's keldon.

Insturctions for adding cloak:

1)go to scripts/ships/hardpoints, and find the c2cl.py and pyc.
2) move them to a backup directory or delete them. You may want them if you wish to switch back later
3) Insert the c2cl.py found in the cloak folder when you unzip this model.
You know have a cloakable ship.

Known bugs: Slight mesh anomoly on the bridge dome, not fixable, and only visable from certain angles.

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