USS Salem's Improved Starbase

uss_salem_fedstarbase.zip —


This is the full version of USS Salem's Starbase upgrade. The last one was missing the hardpoint file.

List time I saw this, I really thought something was missing. Well, there was. Now with the hardpoint file added to this, this really is an upgrade. No more are the days of taking a stock BoP and taking out the biggest starbase the Federation has!

This "Improovment" is for the stock Federation Starbase. The added phasers really add to the station, and hit hard. Kinda like they should. The addition of shields to me is a logical one, and a nice touch. And yes, as with the other version, the graphics in this "upgrade" are really nice. Very good work overall.



USS_salem's Improoved starbase


To install:

copy "data"  and "scripts" into your root Bridge commander directory

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