USS Voyager A

A nice retexture of the original Vivace by DJ Curtis, this is the USS Voyager - A from P$YCH0. This is a very nice piece of work, and adds t...


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A nice retexture of the original Vivace by DJ Curtis, this is the USS Voyager - A from P$YCH0. This is a very nice piece of work, and adds to the Voyager Legacy.

Requires NanoFX2 for blinkers.

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Download 'pych0s_uss_voyager_a.rar' (6.09MB)

P$YCH0's USS Voyager A
Retexture of DJ Curtis Vivace class

Author: P$YCH0

Original Mesh, Textures and HP's by DJ Curtis
Torpedos by Durandal
Borg Cutter Array texture and sound by C2X
Retexture by me (P$YCH0)
Phaser Textures by me (P$YCH0)
HP Remake by me (P$YCH0)
Specular maps by me (P$YCH0)

Full retexture of the Vivace class with new specular maps.
Remake of the HP, use of my new phaser textures and C2X Borg Cutting beam ;)

Ship (Hi)story:
Few years after the Vivace class came into service, Starfleet engineers decided to create an advanced model with quite a few technology enhancements. They placed a prototype BORG cutting array on it. It has proven to be quite powerfull, but recharges slow and it is difficult to repair after it gets damaged. The Cutter Array is difficult to use with standard federation sensor arrays because much more calculations were required. So the new refit is equipped with an advanced sensor pallete, first introduced on the Intrepid class. Shield power has been reverted to the new weapon and now the shields are weaker and slower recharging then on the rest of the Vivace class ships. To compensate for the weaker shielding her hull is reinforced with additional armour plating. Her impulse engines have been upgraded and even without more power consumption they are more efficent making the refit more manouverable then her predecesors. The Intrepid class was old and the USS Voyager was taken out of service. It's former Captain and now Admiral Janeway insisted that this refit bares the name of the legendary explorer. Captain Chakotay was selected as It's commanding officer.

Mleo Submenu mod

Unpack the "data", "sfx" and "scripts" folders to your Bridge Commander installation directory and overwrite if asked to.
Example: ...c:/Program Files/Activision/Bridge Commander/...
Start the game and enjoy your new ship (located in your Federation ships menu under "Vivace Class" Submenu!
NOTE: In your configuration options TEXTURES and MODELS must be set to HIGH!

Legal stuff:
If you wish to use any part of this mod for any other mod or a different game please contact the authors for permission!

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

Special thanx goes to BCC and it's community for great support :)

Any questions/suggestion/problems contact me via E-Mail or post @ BCC
psycho063 AT gmail DOT com

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