USS Windrunner Remastered 1.0.3

Hey Guys Sci Fi Here  We Got A New Patch  For The WindRunner  What i did is I Package  The HardPoint that was done By He...


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Hey Guys Sci Fi Here  We Got A New Patch  For The WindRunner  What i did is I Package  The HardPoint that was done By Hexa  And The Working Ship from Nexus As The one here the original Mod  Author no longer works  so  i Contacted i had no hear from him so must be  a dead account if not he may message me to pull this down.

So Brief Thing i done i put the ship and the hardpoint together so no need to go nexus to download that file as Had it All In One 

The Package is done By Me

The HardPoint Is Done By Hexagonal_ Nexul 

Original Read Me

====Starforce Productions Windrunner====

Design: Atolm
Mesh and textures: Thulls
Hardpoints: Starforce2
Torpedos: Adonis

The windrunner class is a Miranda sized vessel from the 27th century.
 It features Advanced Quantum torpedo's and Chronoton torpedoes.
The Chrono-torps will blast huge holes in unshielded sections of vessels, especialy fun against cardassians.
A single hit to an unshielded galor disabled  the ship and blew a huge crater in the top section of the ship.
Phaser and shield  wise, she's about as strong as P81's sov.  
This vessel would go great accompanying the Premonition class which is due out soon.

New Update:

This Updates the faulty phaser cannons now They Should be on the ship instead of floating 

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Download '1.0.3-Windrunner.rar' (1.1MB)

About This Version (1.0.3)

Version: 1.0.3

Released: 2nd November 2022 10:12pm

Release Notes:

Hey Guys Sci Fi Here Hexa has Updated the Mod now It has the ability to Defend itself Against Breen Dampeners Weapon that shut you down  

Comments on this File
1 month ago by TranZPhazik Torpedo

Ayo! 😁 I downloaded the OG U.S.S. Windrunner and she had a few issues, ya know? I was gonna use it in a "New Arrivals" battle on my YT channel. THIS version took out several versions of the Sovereign-class, 3 Defiants & a Star Destroyer III (not all at the same time! Lol!) She had a bit of trouble with it, but she survived - minus a starboard nacelle, tho! Lol! I'm impressed with it and am going to do that "New Arrivals" vid for the channel! 😃 

Thank you for the update to the file! She flies better & fires those phasers sooo beautifully! Be safe & healthy! Peace & Long Life! 🖖😎

1 month ago by THE SCI-FI KING

Thanks :-)  And Your Welcome


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