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New alternate hardpoint for the recently released Valdore located here:


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New alternate hardpoint for the recently released Valdore located here:;41585

This one has no torps, only disruptors, just as in Nemesis. However I managed to make something fresh with this hardpoint. As far as I know it has never been done before.

Single and multiple fire at the same time.

When Shinzon drops the cloak to bait the attacking Valdore, Commander D'natra tells her tactical officer to "Standby all forward disruptor banks" - so to simulate this effect I did this: the Valdore will fire it's disruptors one at a time, just like in the movie, but every 15 seconds it'll charge enough to fire all of them at'll virtually pour a disruptor rain, especially if you manually fire them very fast.

Look at the pics below. The disruptors near the wings recharge fast and single fire, while those far from the wings take 15 seconds to fully recharge. Keep your eyes in the icons, when they're all green it's time to rock and roll.

This hardpoint will also solve the problem some people are having with the disruptors NOT firing. Just overwrite the files.


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Download 'valdore_hp_disruptors_only.rar' (9KB)

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