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This is a nif only. There was a nearly undetecable flaw in the first model. The strip of hull behind the impulse drive was not textured and...


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This is a nif only. There was a nearly undetecable flaw in the first model. The strip of hull behind the impulse drive was not textured and shows up white in the MPE (flat black ingame). You don't need anything else because I'm just so d*mn good :D that this conversion matches exactly to the last one so every single hardpoint is correct. Find the vdan model folder in data/models/ships and overwrite the old one with this one, then delete your vox file. I will release a full version for those who have not downloaded the vdan yet so those people don't need to download 2 items and screw around.

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Download 'vdan_patch.rar' (63KB)



This mod is the property of Nightsoft, Inc., patent pending, and is not to be distributed for profit, sold,
bartered, rented, or otherwise used for personal gain without express permission from the owner. All rights
are reserved.

Permission is hereby given to all that wish to distribute or alter this mod, as long as the above conditions are
met and this licence is included in the readme, and appears at the top of the document. The mod must remain 
proprietory; usage is restricted to SFC, BC, KA and Armada. You must also secure permission from the original
author of the mod. If you wish to alter this mod in any way, we ask that you contact the original author for 
permission before you release it to the public. If you do not follow the aformentioned conditions, you will be
considered in violation of this user licence agreement, and will be subject to legal action. Any and all 
subsequent alterations or additions to this product are the property of Nightsoft. Nightsoft reserves the right
to alter this licence at any time.

Thank you and enjoy.

Raven Night


Vdan class Bird of Prey

Original concept by Raven Night

kitbash by ~«Möôñråkêr»~

Based on DDmad mesh/textures created by Mindblip

Texture enhancements by Raven Night
Conversion to Bridge commander by starforce2

This is a basic mod file that can be used to make ship files for SFC or BC. This is a Brel size Romulan ship, and should have weaponry comparable to a Klingon Bird of Prey, but have higher shields and speed.



STAR TREK: TM, ® & © 2003 Paramount Pictures. STAR TREK® and related elements are trademarks of Paramount Pictures.
All Rights Reserved. Nightsoft and the orbit N are registered trademarks of Nightsoft Inc. All other trademarks and
copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

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