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The shuttle Data flew in "Insurrection" movie. Excellent model and textures. Unfortunately the ship is so small (only 24m) that we can't...


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The shuttle Data flew in "Insurrection" movie. Excellent model and textures. Unfortunately the ship is so small (only 24m) that we can't appreciate all it's beauty ingame. Well balanced for a small ship - weak and fast. The torps could use a makeup tough. A must have !

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Download 'venture_scout.rar' (292KB)

Venture Class Scoutship from ST:Insurrection for SFC2/OP 

Mesh, and Textures by The Stress Puppy
poly count 1627
2 512x512 resolution texture sheets with illumination maps

This model represents the scoutship Data flew in Star Trek: Insurrection. 
The ship is 24 meters in length, and i scaled her accordingly for SFC. 
She is just smaller than the stock SFC2/OP fighter model. As you can see 
from the screenshot i provided you cant zoom in very close to the ship. which 
is a shame because of the detail on the model, and textures. 
If you wish to scale her up that will be your choice. I also provided a .3ds
so if you wish to make a Bridge Commander model out of her you can do so.

Use the Venture as a Fighter, or Shuttle in SFC

just unrar the fventure folder into you SFC assets/models folder

then open your ftrlist.txt in wordpad (do not use wordwrap)
Make sure you backup your original ftrlist.txt
then in the ftrlist.txt (assets/spec/ftrlist.txt) Change the entry in 
one of the federation fighters of your choice by scrolling to the right
till you find entry "assets/models/fft/fft.mod". 
Change this to "assets/models/fventure/fventure.mod" (without the parentesis)
playa skirmish game using a carrier, and chose the fighter you replaced 
in the spacedock menu. You can replace shuttles in the same way.
You can make a totally new entry if you wish. feel free to experiment.

I tried to replace a ship with the model. She has no hardpoints, 
because i didnt intend her to be used as a ship. all weapons fire from
the center of the ship. and you still cant zoom in close on her. 
This is why i provided the .3ds so you can look at her in a 3d program,
or convert her for other games mods.

Open Permission is granted for use in other mods, just please make sure proper
credit is given for the model. :)

The Stress Puppy.

Conversion to BC by Starforce2
Hardpoints, Torp scripts, Specular maps by Adonis

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