Vorath battlebird 3 pack

Finaly it's here. Mindblips amazing Vorath comes fully loaded with 3 hardpoints which can be used at the same time. Voodoo compatable textur...


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Finaly it's here. Mindblips amazing Vorath comes fully loaded with 3 hardpoints which can be used at the same time. Voodoo compatable textures are in it's model folder under low res. Download this today, and put the smack down on the Galaxy class, and try to beat a Sov. I'll let you guys rate this one...have fun, and Merry Christmas from Starforce Productions!

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Download 'sfpvorath1.0.rar' (3.96MB)

===Starforce Productions===

Vorath battlebird 3 pack, V1.0


Design: Raven night
Model: Mindblip
Conversion: Decoy
Hardpoints: Starforce2
Icon display work: Dante
Weapons: Torpedo's from Lauralins mods (I think), some sounds from there too.
pulse cannons modified from stock warbird and D'dmad.
Final Test: Darkthorne, Proxima

About the mod:

There are three hardpoints here, all which add as separate ships, but all use the same model.

Vvorath: The standard install is balanced to put it right betweena  galaxy and a sov. I have never beaten p81's sov with this ship, but it will do some serious damage before it goes down.


4 rapid fire pulse cannons
2 heavy, single shot, slow fire pulse cannons (1200 damage)
1 fore torpedo, 2 aft. (3 shot, 2x2 shot)
1 dorsal and 1 aft beam
Twin foreward disruptors

VvorathHD-Heavy disruptors: Same as above, except the heavy pulse cannons are short burst 1400 damage disruptor beams.

VvorathTD-Torpedo Deluxe: Same as above, except the pulse canons are now 2 shot torpedo tubes (600 damage torpedo's)

This is one of the strongest romulans to date, one which will compete with the top end federation ships. 

Strategy: It's systems are fairly low hit points, most 2500 or less, and it has no dorsal coverage. It is fairly manuverable at 250 meters or so, and has a low side profile making it harder to hit. When attacking, punch through a shield, and keep at it. The pod in the aft is the shields and cloak. When using the Vorath, keep your target ahead of you and make your heavy pulse cannons hit. Use all your weapons on a pass. If you are against a superior ship, a concentrated attack can disable a few weapons. This will create a blindspot and give you a chance to cloak or decloak for repairs. Remember that cloak will drain the reserve power quickly, and your shields are your main defense. For the torpedo variant, use a tractor beam, the torpedo's are quite easy to use, they have excelent tracking and do 600 damage each.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this thing, I've been working on it quite along time, and I've gotten good reviews from the testors.

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