Voyager type-6 photon



A type-6 photon torpedo. This one does 800 damage.



Star Trek : Bridge Commander

Developer - DKealt

Voyager - Type 6 Torpedo v 2.0

After my first release i felt happy that i had given my best into the limited modding
skills i had with the Voyager Type 6 Torpedo. However the mod still didnt have that 
Voayger spikey and hard feel to the mod. Now after releases of the C2X Deep Space 9 
recently i saw an intersting texture being used in the torpedoes, they had the same 
three pronged look that the torpedoes have on Voyager.

This has led me to begin playing around with torpedo scripts, by merging the new 
textures i have found with my older mod, i hav developed to what i believe to be an 
even more realistic Type 6 Torpedo Mod.

Again, anyone who wants to further mod upon what i have done here is welcome to do so, 
im just trying to get the game as Canon as possible for myself, i may as well share it. 
As i said i have limited knowledge so all i can do here is play with existing textures 
and numbers.


If you have my mod already installed or simply don't mind overwriting whatever Torpedo
script you have under the name of "TypeVIPhoton.py" (which is the stock with the P81 
Intrepid) then simply paste the 'Data' and 'Scripts' folders straight into the Bridge
Commander directory. Remember to backup!

If you don't want to overwrite simply rename the file to whatever you desire and edit 
the torpedo bay property in the ship's hardpoint file.


Must go to C2X i couldn't have made this mod without the textures provided in your DS9
mod. And not to forget myself for tediously playing around with the Torpedo scripts.

Hope you enjoy !

P.S. Dragon, it seems that you liked my previous release, id be glad to know how you
respond to this release

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