Here we have Thunderchild's excellent Victory Class Star Destroyer. You always wonder how SW ships are going to carry themselves in BC due...


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Here we have Thunderchild's excellent Victory Class Star Destroyer. You always wonder how SW ships are going to carry themselves in BC due to the weapons scripts in the game - but this accomplishes the conversion extremely well. This thing is armed with a ferocious amount of turbo-laser turrets and will make mince-meat of just about anything. With most ships, you usually have to avoid the bow, but the VSD seems like a dedicated broadside vessel so you wont find any respite from the port and starboard flanks.

Although the weapons are canon to SW they could be toned down a bit for playabilities sake if nothing else, but this is still brilliant fun to take on a killing spree.

This one's definately a keeper! Download immediately!

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Download 'vsd.rar' (917KB)

Victory-class Star Destroyer MkI V1.0

Model by Totally Games and Lucas Arts, origionally for the classic game 'X-Wing Alliance'. Converted to Bridge Commander and hardpointed by ThunderchiId.

A medium-duty Imperial capital ship, the Victory-class was the precursor to the Imperial class. It was designed by Walex Blissex and was commissioned into service near the end of the Clone Wars. It was manufactured by Rendili StarDrive, and was built to serve three purposes: planetary defense, planetary assault and ground troop support, and ship-to-ship combat. It can run at speeds up to .45 past lightspeed. The Victory-class measured 900 meters in length, and was manned by 4,798 crewers and 402 gunners. It could transport up to 2,040 troops, and held 8,100 metric tons of cargo. It was equipped with 10 quad turbolaser batteries, 40 double turbolaser batteries, 80 concussion missile tubes, and 10 tractor beam projectors.


Victory-I Star Destroyer
Combat Designation:
Capital Starship
900 meters
2 Generators:
40,000x2 (Port, Starboard, Fore, Aft, Dorsal Ventral)
60,000 Critical
15 'Turreted' Turbolasers (8 Fore, 6 Port, 6 Starboard, 6 Aft)
34 Concussion Missile tubes (10 Fore, 10 Port, 10 Starboard, 4 Aft)
10 Tractor Beam projectors (6 Fore, 4 Port, 4 Starboard)
Combat Loads:
5,000 Heavy Concussion Missiles


Concept: Lucas Arts.
Model: Totally Games/Lucas Arts.
Textures: Totally Games/Lucas Arts.
Conversion: Thunderchild
Hardpoint: Thunderchild
Sound FX: Project90; STvsSW Armada I
          And anyone else I forgot.

Extreact to BC Root (c:\program files\activision\star trek - bridge commander)
Launch the game.
Check mutators.

Note: Tested with NanoFX 2.0 BETA. Required for muzzle flash effects.

Other notes:

Concussion missile arcs are segregated. Single, Foreward, Port, and Starboard are all different 'Spreads'. Aft tubes only fire when the 'Single' spread is selected. 

The 'Forward', 'Port', and 'Starboard' spreads will fire up to 10 missiles each. This is not suggested for ship to ship combat. For anti-ship, the 'single' spread is suggested. Others are designed for orbital/plantiary assault.

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