Wells Class Starship /Stock Sovereign Replacement

Gives you a powerful wells class, and has a secondary set of scripts that allows you o use this in single player instead of the sov.


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Gives you a powerful wells class, and has a secondary set of scripts that allows you o use this in single player instead of the sov.

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=/= Wells Class =/=

Propulsion:	2 Tetryon Energized Temporal Gate Devices
		1 FIG-9 Subspace Impulse Unit
Compliment:	200 Type II Subparticle Torpedoes, 200 Type IV Temporal Phasic Torpedoes

Phasers:		4 Type XV Collimated Burst-Mode Tetryon Phaser Arrays (2 Dorsal, 2 Ventral)
		2 Type XVII Forward Long-Range Collimated Burst-Mode Tetryon Phaser Emplacements (1 Port, 1 Starboard)
		2 Type X High-Yield Phased Temporal Cannons
Torpedoes:	8 MK 107 Direct-Fire Torpedo Tubes
		(4 Forward & 4 Aft)
Special:		Regenerative Interspacial Shielding, Tetryon based Primary Reactor, Neutronium Hull Plating, NX-5 Stealth Device, Autonomous Repair Unit (Impervious to sensors)

Shields:		RIS-7 Multispacial Force Field Generator and Subspace control system
Shield Ratings:	45 Fore, 20 Aft, 45 Dorsal, 45 Ventral, 20 Port, 20 Starboard
Hull Rating:	80


The Wells-class is an advanced federation timeship constructed in the late 29th century. 

This class is primarily designed for deep-space missions. It's Regenerative interspacial shielding, a large array of energy weapons (allowing the vessel to be effective in combat even without torpedoes), a Tetryon-based power reactor for energizing the weapon and drive systems, and the Autonomous regeneration unit (to perform quick repairs on damaged systems) makes the vessel almost completely independant of starbase support.

Offensive Tactics:

Maximize distance between you and your target, as the dorsal and ventral phasers' range are equal to positron beams, and the port and starboard beams have even further range. Use the subparticle torpedoes for slow moving vessels, and the less powerful but more accurate temporal phasics for fast vessels.

The stealth device can run indefinitely, and the pulse weapons and torpedoes can be devastating, making cloak-and-shoot tactics a very real option in a close battle.

The pulse cannon have a incredible range, enabling this vessel to destroy a station from such a distance, the station can't even get one shot in :-)

Defensive Tactics:

In liu of this vessel's technology, your options if you are getting attacked by one of these is rather wide:

1) Warp out.

2) Cloak and never decloak.

3) Surrender.

4) Ram it!

5) Turn your computer off.

Installation Instructions:

1) Unzip the .zip file to a temporary folder.

2) Copy all the contents of the temporary folder to your bridge commader root directory.

3) Activate the ship with bcmp.

4) Your Done, Have Fun.

Using this ship on the single-player missions:

The following procedure is Not necessary, it is just here if you want to use the ship in the single-player missions instead of the sovereign.

Warning: The following procedure will replace your current Sovereign-class ship.

Under the temporary folder you unzipped to in step 2 you will find a folder called Sovereign_to_wells.
Copy all the contents of this folder to your bridge commander root directory.

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