Windrunner Class



Here is a cool Federation prototype, the Windrunner. This ship is well balanced for 'one on one' engagements. The ship handels well in game, highly manuverable and excellent phaser arcs. The power consumption is evenly matched. So boosting power will not take away from other sub systems. Testing the Windrunner Prototype against the major Alpha and Gamma Quadrant powers, the Windrunner can take on most Frigates, Light and Heavy Cruisers. But the Romulans, Breen and the Dominion's Capitol ships are the ones to watch out for. The Windrunner will be tested in a wolfpack senario.

Worth having a look at...



====Starforce Productions Windrunner====

Design: Atolm
Mesh and textures: Thulls
Hardpoints: Starforce2
Torpedos: Adonis

The windrunner class is a Miranda sized vessel from the 27th century. It features Avanced Quantum torpedos and Chronoton torpedoes. The Chrono-torps will blast huge holes in unshielded sections of vessels, especialy fun against cardassians. A single hit to an unshielded galor disabled  the ship and blew a huge crater in the top section of the ship. Phaser and shield  wise, she's about as strong as P81's sov.  This vessel would go great acompaning the Preomonition class which is due out soon.

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