Wing Commander Ship Pack



Here is the first wing commander ship pack, it contains several ships from the game imported to Bridge Commander



Im BES12000, I did the first Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter, I can be contacted on BCU forums or by my email [email protected]
Here is my Wing Commander Ship pack
It includes these ships:
Vesuvius Heavy Carrier with fighter launching capability( if you have Tech Framework 1.1 or newer)
Thunderbolt Heavy fighter
Excalibur Heavy Fighter
Problems with resizing the Arrow fighter has prevented me from including it in this Version of the pack
First thing,please Delete all files having to do with the Wing Commander Thunderbolt if you have downloaded it,because this ship pack has a newer one and files may conflict..
Place each item in its proper path, it will be laid out by folder(yes I know redundant folders),all files will follow the right path so you shouldnt screw anything up.
you may have to use the BC mod installer to get the ships to run in-game
if you want MORE fighters to launch u need to go into the Bridge Commander\scripts\Custom\Carriers and edit Vesuvius,open with notepad or python and just change the number by Thunderbolt and Excalibur
also the Excalibur has an optional cloak, be warned though if the ship cloaks it will die faster due to weak hullstrength, to get the cloak working you must open the Excaliburs hardpoint file(Excal.py) and place this line at the very bottom and make sure it looks like the others:  
prop = App.g_kModelPropertyManager.FindByName("Fighter Cloak", App.TGModelPropertyManager.LOCAL_TEMPLATES)
	if (prop != None):
		pObj.AddToSet("Scene Root", prop)
so since its a BETA I want helpfull reports on what needs to be fixed,including balance issues,since I tested this ship and fighters on my OWN(more uberized) refits of the stock ships..
also let me know if certain sounds dont work..
has NOT been tested with NanoFX,or ATP, just the shuttle launching framework
I did not test it on any of the downloaded files from BCFiles
when reporting to me what needs to be fixed please include what you have tested it on so I can form a list of stuff to download.
Known bugs..
NO GLOWS! ,I know im working on it currently, I just started doing the modeling thing and ill get glows down soon..
Vesuvius has a mesh error,clearly visable in-game,left front fork on the bottom,im not seeing it in MAX or Milkshape..
game crashes after 15min,havent found the problem yet..
no fighter cloak yet for the Excalibur(yes its sposed to have one,and it can fire while cloaked,the first two shots anyway,then the cloak fails),trying to put together a stand alone fighter cloaking system without the need of ATP.
Im using an old Variant of the Vesuvius, there is a newer model out with different textures and hull changes etc...that will be done later.
need fighter AIs and AIs for the Vesuvius,smarter ones..
sound cuts out due to too many weapons firing,to be fixed soon
not really a bug: not all fighters have been made,still missing some, they will be done soon, and I will try to get Kilrathi enemy for you to fight once im better at modeling.
no icons in quickbattle menu
weapon icons in wrong spots
Not really any tactics,the AI is stupid though, so if it wont fire weapons when turning to the left or right try manual firing, also the top weapons fire rarely..
launching fighters when in a crunch will increase chances of survival...normally
launching the Thunderbolts first will enable them to use their torpedos on enemy targets,IE damaging them considerably,then launching the Excaliburs to finish the job they have higher damage missiles and weapons.

All ships and gun sounds were created by, and are Copyright of Origin Systems Inc, and were removed from the game using decompression programs made by Origin Systems Inc and are also copyright of Origin Systems Inc.
Permission is required if ANY part of this ship pack will be used in anyone elses mods or ship packs,also Permission is required if you have done model/texture enhancements of these ships and would like to release them.
if you would like permission please post it on BCU forums or contact me at [email protected]

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