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This ship is an export from Wing Commander 3 or 4... its in both games. Its as cannon as possible - the ship is classified as a Heavy Fight...


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This ship is an export from Wing Commander 3 or 4... its in both games. Its as cannon as possible - the ship is classified as a Heavy Fighter in Wing Commander.

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This is my(bes12000) first try so give me a break, least I tried...took a week to do.This ship is an export from Wing Commander 3or4 its in both games,its as cannon as possible, the ship is classified as a Heavy Fighter in Wing Commander 3 and 4.

Known issues:
weapon icons in wrong spot
no ship icon in quickbattle
1weapon on the left side is too close to the other one so it appears to fire only 1round when its firing 2
no engine glows,but model was smoothed out and enhanced, the hull dings and stuff are sposed to be there by the way.
not sure if the ablative armor works properly...ship still blew up after 1 torpedo hit..
no torpedo or missile sounds from original game
weapon sounds are not loud enough
missiles dont look like missiles when fired
there is a torpedo/missile bug, instead of firing missiles from the left and right tubes it fires from all 3,so when a torpedo is loaded it fires from one of the missile tubes..(center one is sposed to be the Torpedo Tube, other 2 are sposed to fire missiles)
two gaps in the ship on both sides(for some reason its like that..)
if any other issues please send me a private at BCU or email me at

Hull strength was set too low..its now 480
shield recharge was set to 300 instead of 100
got weapon sounds to work in game
made the pulse weapons lower scale
rear cannon has a 2200range
4700range on the plasma cannons
changed damage radius of the torpedos from 1.0 to 2.0 and same with missiles
all subsystems wer placed inside the ship using MPE(alot of stuff was outside the ship...)

when using the ship against a foe with is possible to avoid them by seperating distance and evade either by using the gunner or flying the ship yourself keep as far away as possible...all weapons should not miss much, try not to take anything bigger than a galor or anything with torpedoes that have a high angular accel.

drag and drop each file from the folders to the same spot in your BC directory, to be on the safe side open all folders in this pack and make sure you get them all in their correct place,BC MOD packager may need to be used to get the ship working in-game...

Credit goes to the great people at Origin that made Wing Commander 3 and 4
And all the people at BCU forums who answered almost all my retarded questions trying to get this ship working correctly.

Please ask if you want to add any files from this ship to include in your mods.
If any of you would like to HELP me fix some of the broke stuff in this mod and would like to TEACH me it would be appreciated.

If any files are missing from this pack let me know please.

All items from Wing Commander 4 are registered trademarks of Origin Systems,inc.
All files wer extracted from the game using decompression routines,  These routines were created by, and are Copyright of Origin Systems Inc.

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