Wraith Cruiser 1.1



Here is the Wraith Cruiser as seen from Stargate Atlantis, this ship is armed with numerous energy weapons but not as many as the far larger hive ship. This ship also holds upto 8 Wraith Darts which can be launched using the Shuttle Launching Framework. The Cruiser is mainly used as an Escort ship for the hives or as a patrol vessel. Although it might be small when compared to a hive ship it is still fairly big when compared to Star Trek Ships.

The ship itself is balanced towards the other stargate ships, so it won't be balanced against any Trek ship, although it would be still fun to fight between the wraith and the Federation ships. The ship itself is fairly detailed, and also fairly accurate when compared to the show. The hardpoint is also fairly accurate mainly because it has no shields. For fun try using this ship against either an normal Daedalus Class (the one without the Asgard weapons) or even a Goa'uld Ha'tak.

Recommended Files

Wraith Dart (Either the Single File or in SG Packs 1 - 3) Shuttle Launching Framework (To Launch the Darts)

There are only some minor changes:

I've added Low and Medium textures for those who play with these settings and I've added the author of the Wraithcruisermodel in the readmefile.



This is the Wraith Cruiser as seen in Stargate Atlantis. Its equipped with 8 Wraith Darts when you have installed
either the Wraithdart alone or the Stargateshippack I+II.



Latest Foundation

Shuttle lanching Framework to lauch Wraithdarts

Latest BCMI to install

Tested in BBridge Commander 1.1

Know Bugs: None


Steps to install:

Just dobbleclick on WraithCruiser.bcmod and all files will be installed in the correct folders


Fixed this Read Me

Adding Low and medium textures

Modell: special thanks to dabt, limey, cliperkins, jb and dave

Icons taken from the site: http://www.lostmindsinc.com/index.php?page=races

Very special thanks to Boelkow [www.st-bridge.de] who helped me creating the Ship-, Soundplugin 
and to make the Icon available InGame!

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