Wraith Hive Ship

As a small preview to the upcoming new Stargate pack, I decided to release the Hive ship seperately to get people excited about the pack, an...


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As a small preview to the upcoming new Stargate pack, I decided to release the Hive ship seperately to get people excited about the pack, and because it's a ship a lot of people have been waiting for (and the ones currently available have many inaccuracies).

Since it's only a preview, it doesn't have all the finishing touches like launchable Darts or speculars. However everything neccessary is included, as is the modified plugin that prevents the nukes from the last pack from hitting the ship every time.

Hopefully you'll all enjoy blowing it up a few times with the rest of the pack until the final version comes out with the new pack.

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Download 'wraith_hive_ship.rar' (12.44MB)

Wraith Hive Ship (1.0)

Description - This is the Wraith Hive ship as seen in many episodes of Stargate Atlantis. It is heavily armed but relatively 
              weakly defended. Despite its huge size, in 1-on-1 engagements against most ships from the Stargate universe
              this ship will be outmatched. This is due to the fact that Wraith vessels don't possess shields. However
              against ships like the 304's, or in superior numbers the Hive is a foe to be afraid of. 

              Although Hive ships aren't supposed to have shields, this mod does. This is partly to simulate the EM jamming
              field to prevent beaming weapons on-board, and partly because it was the only way to balance it accurately.
              The shield is very weak, and only really stands up to bullets from the 304's rail guns and not much else.

              This version is incomplete, as the full version will be part of the new Stargate pack currently being produced.
              It doesn't have launchable Darts or Scout ships and is balanced more to the last pack than to the new one.
              It does include the modified plugin to make it almost inmmune to missiles like in the show, so don't expect to
              fire 2 nukes and blow it up.

Bugs - There are no bugs as such that we know of in this release, but as it is a 'preview' mod for the new Stargate pack, it
       is unfinished, and as such has no speculars or launching scripts, and may not be entirely balanced properly.

If you have any technical problems, post them on the tech support forum at BCS at the following address;

Intallation - Just copy and paste in your root BC directory, the nececssary plugin is included already. Then just make sure your mutators are turned on when you run the game.

Credits - Myself (Dave975) for the model, hp and sfx, JB06 for the original textures, DKealt for the finalised textures.

DO NOT release this as part of any other mod for BC or any other game. No exceptions!!!

Original model design is the property of MGM, no infringement was intended.

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