X303 - Prometheus Update (glow fix)



Here is a fix for the X-303 Prometheus. This file will add glows to the X-303's engines and other lights around the vessel. Please note that the X-303 is required for this mod.

Required File X-303 Prometheus



Star Trek : Bridge Commander

Developer - DKealt

X303 - Prometheus Update

After becoming quite a recent Stargate fan i decided that i would love and adore any decent Stargate mod that was released, again appreciating the Prometheus model recently released i decided to fill in the blanks in the mod such as the glow textures, an icon, renaming the ship from BC-303 to X-303, the X303 Prometheus Sound and HP Fix, a TGL file and a bit of rehardpointing to the ship.

The glow textures are basically editted in MSPaint but do the job well enough, i have also used ingame screenshots to make a ship icon complete with alpha channeling. I editted the harpoint so as it increase the overall hull strength of the ship and replaced what were the Asguard pulse cannons with my own take on Rail Guns from what i saw in the Stargate : Atlantis season one finale, these are small purple pulse weapons that fire continuously from the ships. The harpoint also means that there is a limited amount of ammunition to these weapons, however this ships has probably over 100,000 rounds at least.


X303 Prometheus
BCMP (For TGL File)


Place the 'Data' and 'Script' files into the BC root directory, and place the 'Ship TGLs' file inside the BC-Mod Packager directory and use BCMP to update the ship with the TGL file.


Dave975 for creating the model and harpoints, genty for enlightening me on how to add the glow textures

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