X303 Prometheus v2.0



For all you Stargate: SG-1 Fans out there here is a cool new update of the X303 Prometheus. The Model's textures and hardpoints have been reworked. The Author has added Point Defense Canons as the primary weaponry and offers an alternate hardpoint featuring Rail Guns. What ever the hardpoint choice, you should find the upgrades entertaining.

Definately Worth having a look at. . . .



Star Trek: Bridge Commander

Developer: Dkealt

X303 - Prometheus Update v.2.0

After releasing the patch with glow textures amung other things i happen to rush through the hardpoints i provided and also wanted to further retexture the ship and so i did leaving it with a lighter metal color as seen in SG-1 and added point defense cannons as the main source of defense. i resorted to this although the ship was roumered to be gitting rail gun fittings, i have never seen these in action and so i made a more canon hardpoint for the model. So included in the mod is...

- Model Textures

- 2 Variying Hardpoints

- New Weapons


Drop the contints of the mod in the BC root directory and start up the game Within the  (scripts/ ships/ hardpoints) folder there are two hardpoints, The mod is set up to use "X303P2PCannons" , Included is the rail gun hardpoint from the v1.0 of this mod, if you want to use that simply switch the names around of the modified ship file if you know how. Place the "Ship's TGL" file into the (program files/ BC-mod packager) and add using BCMP.


Zambie Zan, Dave975

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