xXpansion Mod Team Torpedo Pack

This Torpedo pack offers three new torpedoes to your Weapons arsenal. Godd luck and Die well.


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This Torpedo pack offers three new torpedoes to your Weapons arsenal. Godd luck and Die well.

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Download 'xxpansionteamtorppackv1.zip' (235KB)

By xXpansion Mod Team


Scripting: Adonis

Betatesting: Strayhero


Short descriptions:

      Micro Photon SB Seeker:

                This torpedo is the Photon SB Seeker's variant for small craft.

      Micro Quantum SB Seeker:

                 This torpedo is the Quantum SB Seeker's variant for small craft.
                 Specially designed as the torpedo weapon of the Vampire Class Heavy Fighter's MK1 variant! (Still WIP stage for BC :( )

      Streamed Plasma Torpedo (Thanks to Strayhero for the name :D ):

                 This particular torpedo was made jointly by the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire mainly as an anti-Borg weapon of high speed, accuracy, and destructive power. There are no indications that eather the Federation or the Romulans use this weapon...


Install instructions:

Just Copy/Paste the Scripts Folder From this *.Zip file to your Root BC folder (usually C:\Program Files\Activison\Bridge Commander).

Open up your favourite ship's HARDPOINT file in Bridge Commander\Scripts\Ships\Hardpoints using NOTEPAD, and find this line using the FIND tool under EDIT (or just hit Ctrl+F): 
Torpedoes.SetMaxTorpedoes(0, 500)
Torpedoes.SetTorpedoScript(0, "Tactical.Projectiles.***Torp Scriptname***")
Change the ***Torp Scriptname*** (instead of this one there should be a name (@ Defiant's HP it's DefiantQuantum)) to eather MicroPhotonSB, MicroQuantumSB, or StreamedPlasma (NoTe ThE CaSeS!!!!)

Start BC, and have Phun =))))


Known Bugs: None :)


Legal Crap :(((( (I think that all of ya can say this word-by-word awaiked in the middle of the night :twisted: ):

You need explicit permissions from the author(s) of this work for RE-DISTRIBUTION, FOR OTHER MODS, CONVERSIONS, ETC...
You Should NOT publish them withouth permissions from the author(s), withouth properly crediting them for their work...

Commercial use of these scripts (selling it, placing it on a CD for sale, using it in any form of advertising etc.) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!!!!!

4 assistance visit our forum at: http://defiant.homedns.org/~xxpansion/forums/index.php

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