Year Of Hell Voyager



An amazing retexture of P81's Intrepid to make it look like damaged, as seen in the episodes "Year Of Hell". The ship plays like a damaged ship (as it should), and managing the ship's power is vital to survive.

It also includes a new shield texture for temporal shields.

Another great mod from Dragon and Gdluque.



Readme First!


This mod is a tribute for two of the most amazings episodes in the Star Trek mithologie: Voyager: Year of Hell part 1 and 2.
We decided to make this mods thinking about the people who loves to collect featured mods, but, our intentions also was to make it fun  at the same time. That's why you will find that this ship it's a bit more powerfull than the original in the series.
Anyway, you will have to strugle against the damaged subsystems and the typical problems of a heavly damaged ship.
Some tips: Your Temporal shields it's the only barrier between you and death, so take care of administrate carefully you Power Suply and defensives systems.
If you have to chase any small ship, don't waste your energy, cos the only one impulse engine will not be enogh to catch it. Just reinforce your front shield... and collide whit it! The ship must resist... If not, well, you was in a Year of Hell battle after all!

Some features:

-Temporal Shields (Much more powerful than the standard, but they needs much more energy from the core.) Take in mind that the core it's damaged and can't stand to much time the power drain to feed this kind of shields)

-Several Damaged subsystems: 
*The sensors are damaged and has limited range.
*Some phasers are disabled or destroyed.
*Only 1 Impulse engine it's on line.
*The warp engines are damaged, but works
*The warp core it's loosing power, so you may be limited for long times battles. In one word, save your energy.
*The Shuttle bays are destroyed or dissabled.
*If you need to use the tractors, do it but for shorts periods, they consumes to much energy from the main batteries.


-Bridge Commander Full Game
-Bridge Commander Patch
-Latest Foundation Plug-In

Just double click in the D&G Year of Hell Voyager.exe file, follow the instructions and enjoy!


-Model: P81
-Intrepid Textures: Klapaucius5691
-YoH Voyager textures: Gdluque
-Speculars: Gdluque
-Icon:	Gdluque
-New Scripting: Gdluque
-Hardpoint: Gdluque
-Weapons: Dragon / Gdluque
-FX: Dragon / Gdluque
-Readme: Gdluque
-Installer: Gdluque
-Creative and Trek Consultants: Captain of the Bridge Team (Our thanks to all of them)

... and of course thanks to the BCfiles and BCU people for their support!

Please do not use any components of our work without our permission, its just polite.
Visit www.universeatwar.org/dgproductions for our site.

Contact Us: [email protected]


Dragon & Gdluque
And the CotB Team

We are not responsible for any damage to your game or computer. All files have been virus scanned prior to being uploaded. . If you encounter any problems we shall try to solve them…please see our contact details.

Copyright 2005 D&G Productions
Star Trek belongs to Paramount Viacom ©.

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