ZM System Pack w/ NanoFx2 Atmospheres



The Betelguese System is a "Red Giant". There's some canon Star Trek systems here like the "Badlands" System from DS9 and Voyager. And the "Hekaras Corridor" From the TNG series with Turbulent eddys and all. There are plenty of anomalies to explore. This is for "Galactic Explorers".

NanoFx2 Atmospheres have been added to the planets by Chris Jones, and not just the atmospheres that came with NanoFx2. Some new ones have been created to fit individual planets and moons.

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Title		: ZM System Pack 2.0
Filename	: zmsystempack2.0.zip
Version		: 2.0 (not tested in Multiplayer)
Date		: 2/23/2003
Author		: Michael Frederick (A.K.A. - Zorg/Morpheus)
Credits		: Daniel B. Houghton (aka Dasher42) who made it possible for everyone to
use new Bridge Commander mods with the his 'Foundation Plugin System'!
NanoByte, who made the mod packager, and NanoFx!

Description of the Mod File

This will add 15 new systems to Bridge Commander: 8 new as well as Systempack 1.0

Arcturus: A system named after a real star in our Galaxy, - 6 planets.
Badlands: As seen in the premier episode of Star Trek Voyager.  A large plasma cloud full of asteroids and plasma cyclones.
Canopus: A system named after a real star in our galaxy, - 3 planets.
GalaxyEdge: An accident has thrown your ship outside the galaxy into a small cluster of stars.
Hekaras: As seen on Star Trek TNG, warp speeds are damaging our galaxy.  The Hekaras corridor is a turbulent area filled with Tetryon Particles and spacial eddys.
Kastra: Completely imaginary just for fun.
KavisAlpha: As seen on Star Trek TNG, A large red giants steller matierial is pulled away by the gravity of it's nuetron star companion.  Visit planet IV, the Nanite planet.
Tathis: Completely imaginary just for fun.
Baqis: A trinary star with an asteroid field and nebula.
Betelgeuse: A Red Giant star with a single system. (NEW and IMPROVED) Yeap it's a red giant alright.
Pleides: The Seven Sisters, my favorite in the night sky, also features Blackrooks terraformed Mars as planet Eridian.
Procyon: A Binary system with 3 planets
RedGiant: Mostly I just wanted to create a giant red star far far away.  This also contains a white dwarf star and a new black nuetron star.
SystemJ25: A binary system.
Vatris: A large system with three planets and lots of moons.

Some Planets and Moons are from Dasher42's Sol system and I have included the original readme file that came with that system.  I did not alter any of those textures from their original form. The terraformed Mars texture is by BlackRook32, I have also included the original readme. 

Special Thanks to Ben Howard aka BanzaiZAP, who created the Banzai System pack, his scripts provided me with a guide and inspiration to making these systems.

Thanks to all.

March-April 2004 - NanoFx2 Planet Atmospheres added in by Chris Jones. GalaxyEdge Class E Atmosphere created by Ken Jones (son).


1. Unzip the files into a temp directory on your hard disk, copy the files to your root Star Trek Bridge Commander directory.
2. Use BCMP 4.4 to import a special ship from SFCII, open up BCMP and under Game tools/Ship Plugin, type in "Junk" and make a plugin for it and you are all set, if not the Betelgeuse system may crash your game :(

3. To Activate the systems start BC, Choose Configure then Mutators and check ZMSystempack, enjoy!

All of these systems should be compatible with QBR 2.13 I don't know about 2.14 I don't use that one (doesn't like me for some reason?)  Please report and bugs or problems that you find to me at [email protected], however their shouldn't be any but I have been known to miss stuff, thanks.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright
Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

Please use this mod in any way you wish, all I asked for is credit for the original mod & textures.  This mod is not to be sold or put on any compilation Cd for sale.

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