Star Trek: Bridge Commander

The greatest collection of ships, bridges, maps and modifications for this epic starship bridge simulation game! Gear up and take on the worst enemies of the Federation. Make it so!

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Star Trek: Bridge Commander New Team Exxperience Site

URL to site: Forum URL: The Team Exxperience website is now fully finished and open to the public! The site will hold all of our works, reveal all our latest news and much more! There will also be a chan...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander "Off The Boards" Podcast Announced

Bridge Commander Central has been becoming steadily more popular since its launch in October of last year. Last month saw almost 150,000 page hits, and we are about to breach the 400 users mark. With the main boards proving such a hit with the community we have decided to start a Bridge Commander Mo...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Insignia Magazine: First Production Issue

Insignia Magazine, the all-new magazine of Bridge Commander. Well, some may know that issue #0 has already been released to get comfortable between BC Fans. On the 1st of January, the first official edition is published. YOU CAN FIND ISSUE #1 HERE, AT BCFILES!! The issues will consist of i...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander NanoFX GE gets it's own domian

For those of you fallowing Nanobytes project, Nanofx GE, They ahve a new website. If you sign up, you can check out cool videos of the project in action. The site is:


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Sci-fi meshes closes

Why is SFM closed? In the last few weeks I (Aceman) have noticed a growing lack of fun that used to be It seems to me that SFM has slowly turned into a site where people come to trade insults, poke fun, or otherwise discuss anything and everything unrelated to 3D graphics or scienc...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Staff relations forum opened

Look on the left menu, I've brought my old starforce productions forum back online and turned it into a staff relations forum. (Click "staff relations") You can post to us in a forum setting. We'll have our private forums which you can't see anyways there, and eventualy we'll have updated threads wh...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Unimatrix one is back

Not alot of content, but check the links section, the site is back online.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Dreamyards is back online!

Thier site has just come back online, so don't expect too many file downloads for a while, it's still under construction. Check out links section for their site.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander RPG and Fan fiction site. go there to play in rpgs(start your own rpg) or write fan fictions.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander MPMP Official site opened

MPMP's official site is now open for members to begin posting. If you have MPMP questions, you can talk to the author there. There will be news and other information posted as well. Visit our links section to find the site, listed under the "mods" section.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Donations for DAP.

Help bring Dream-Arts Productions back. Please Make a Simple Donation. Please Choose a Link BELOW: $5 USD Donation Make Donation $10 USD Donation Make Donation $20 USD Donation Make Donation Any Donations that you can give us well be really helpful on getting us back online. Thank You, NX-Arm...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander DAP offline

For those that are wondering, DAP is indeed offline for a few days.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Vessel Skins Site

I just added this site to our links section and I thought I'd post it in the news, because its got some great skins for ships.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Hidden Frontier Series Comming to BCfiles

BC files will be hosting a TNG era fan based startrek series soon. While this has nothing to do with BC, it has been ok'd by pro, and will be a defenite improvement over the 207bps downloads currently available from their website. (we are a mirror). Each episode is in .mov formatt, which requires...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Dream-Arts Productions Website Now online

the Dream-Arts Productions AKA The BC-MOD team site is now Open they have some new bridges there so hurry up and get over there.


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