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Star Trek: Bridge Commander Comet 9P Holmes

Many of you may have already heard the news. A comet, once dimmer than Pluto and only 3km wide suddenly, in a 24 hr period, brightened by nearly a million times and now rivals the stars of the big dipper in brightness. If you haven't, it's time to stop playing BC and take a peak out the window. Don't worry, you can start playing BC again after you're done. :...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Comet SWAN

Comet SWAN is a comet that can currently be seen with the eye if you are at a dark site, or with binoculars if you are not. To me, it appears as bright and the same size as the M13 starcluster is near in Hurculese. If you are right in a big city rather than the suburbs of one you may need a telescope to help you find it. If you can see m13, you can see this...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander 10th Planet Discovered!

Oberservers have Discovered an object outside of plutors orbit that is atleast the size of Pluto. Size of a planet can be determined by it's brightness, and even if it reflects 100% of it's light, that makes it slightly larger than Pluto at the lowest estimate. The full story can be found at NASA:


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Deep Impact Comet Mission Success

NASA's mission to shoot a comet with a wash-machine sized probe has worked better than to be expected. There was a large crater and ejecta cloud before they teminated their mission feed on their site. It was larger than expected. I've yet to see any images on nasa's site so I have none to show you, but I suspect this data to be posted rapidly by NASA. Remebe...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander I'm back

I've just returned from an anstronomy convention near Bismark, ND. Those of you who've pm'd and sent files/email will be taken care of in the next day or 2.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Intergalactic Stars

I've always wondered, with the millions of stars in a Galaxy, if they ever lost any. Well, we lost one.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander New site

Check our links page for the Heavens Above website. It gives locations, times and positions for man-made spacecraft in orbit, such as the shuttle, The space station, and satalites. Also provides Comet information. Currently near the star Argol there is a binocular visable comet named Machholz. If you have a semi dark sky and a halfway decent pair of bino's y...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Astronomers may have directly detected a planet outside of our solar system. As you know, most extrasolar planets are found by measuring wobble in the star or changes in brightness and other factors, and due to the brightness of the star and distance inolved, no telescope can separate them. The link above shows what may be the first direct detection of a planet.