Star Trek: Bridge Commander

The greatest collection of ships, bridges, maps and modifications for this epic starship bridge simulation game! Gear up and take on the worst enemies of the Federation. Make it so!

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Star Trek: Bridge Commander Late TNG Galaxy Bridge (Retexture) * * LOCKED * *

At the Author's request the Late TNG Galaxy (Retexture) mod will be locked. The mod was to be available for download in March, 2008. As the Bridge retexture was to coincide with the release of Bridge Plugin (Gold Edition). Miscommunications lead to the mod being up for download for a "brief" period of time. With a slight (34) downloads total. The mod has be...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander The whole fracking fleet

There are some models of BSG vessels availavle for useage in games. They will need to be properly ported for your application. Message from author: After numerous requests I've uploaded the models to the following link. They are .3ds files with jpg textures. You may need to relink the textures to the meshes. Ha...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Hidden Frontier Returns

I am pleased to announce the go ahead for BCfiles to once again host Hidden Frontier. This Fan made Startrek Series is currently at the conclusion of it's 6th season (it has one left) and has been releasing higher res episodes, which have been previously accessable only to those who whish to use bittorrent, due to their size and bandwidth c...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Leander excelcior class corrupt file fixed;45908 This file was reported corrupt. I checked and it was, profiler has now fixed it. If you use the american mirror you'll be fine but the others will go through their update period just as if it was a new file.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander BC2 Saif Beta at BCU It can be downloaded from this thread. This is a rough beta. It should work, as far as loading and firing, however it is not complete so expect things to not be perfect. I need beta test reports. Also, please do NOT post the download or the file on any other sites. You may disribute...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Last 4 Videos fixed

It was a code error caused by the author palcing a \ as the last character in the readme, which screwed up the sites php code. This has been fixed so it wont happen any more. Also, the files are now downlaodable.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Things are back online

As you can see, we've added a couple new files. The servers are back up, atleast for now, and pix are up for the nkal superbird. It appears POTD submissions may have been down as well, that is back up as I found new ones today. We will try to get through this backup as quickly as possible.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Lack of updates

Apparently the mirrors keep going down. There must be a few other issues as well because I can't post pix to my Nkal superbird mod. The system uploads them but eats them insead of displaying them on the mod page yet it doesn't give me any errors. I've mailed profiler and gotten no response there untill the system gets de-f***ed we can't do sh*t.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Bridges due back tomarrow

We have the new bridges, except the warbird bridge which is requiring a bit more work. You will need to reinstall all the bridges.


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