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Star Trek: Bridge Commander Ugent bulletin for all modders! Music files!

Due to the recent nuking of files containing mp3's, I would like to inform you that untill further notice, no music mods will be posted even if they are trek related. I would assume trek related items copyrighted by paramount are ok to use sparingly in mods, such as with loading screens that depict short clips of battle scenes and theme music for the series,...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Update on Raven's condition

Ok, update is that he is awake and read the comments from the people at BCU, then told everyone to "behave". In otherwords, he woke up still Raven, which is a good sign thus far.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Raven Night Hospitalized

Raven Night, Owner of Nightsoft and BCU, leader of the BC2 project, has suffered a massive stroke as is currently in ICU. No other detials have been released, aside from Mike Holts assesment of "it doesn't look good". Out of respect for the family he's not releasing further details. Any further developments made public will be posted here.