New Category for Mirror Universe Ships

[i]I'm sure all patrons here has notice the (influx) of Mirror Universe mods as of late. To make things easier, I've created an independent ...

0 17 years ago
New Links!

*Contact us has been changed again. It leads to my new PR forum where you can post to our staff. This forum also caontains Starforce P...

0 18 years ago
"Contact us" updated<updated again 1-25-06

This is just to inform you that I have updated the "Contact us" link on the left menu reflect the link change for the staff forum hosted by ...

0 18 years ago
Site Rules Updated

As the new Vice Admin of BCfiles, it has come to my attention that a few points in the rules need to be a bit clearer. [quote]*3) Mod The...

0 19 years ago
File submissiong guidelines updated

http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/info/SubmitFiles I had thought this was posted in more thana recent news item but I've added a line...

0 19 years ago
Left menu overhaul

Many staff have brought up the fact that the sites look cluttered, and I hafta agree. additionaly, some of our pages on the left menu contai...

0 19 years ago
Guide to making a good readme

I've written, and Admiral Ames has set up, a page which hopefuly covers everything someone would need to put in a readme, including the mini...

0 19 years ago
The top 25

Incase you hand't noticed, there is no longer a top 10, but a top 25. I figred I'd give that a try for a while. Opinions?...

0 19 years ago
Astronomy Links section opened

I've added some links to it, to kick it off, I'll give a short explanation of them here: 1) Bad astronomy- this site debunks myths an...

0 19 years ago
Links sections updates

Sometime soon, I plan to update the links section and remove any dead links, or clan sites which nolonger appear to have bridge commander m...

0 20 years ago
Question-Would anyone like this new "links" Catagory?

I was thinking of adding sites that deal with "astronomy" (In other words, REAL space related science type stuff) such as local astronomy c...

0 20 years ago
Some update news

1) Firstly, The Raptor class Armada vessels featured in a recent new item is finished. You can see the final pix here: http://www.bcfiles.c...

0 20 years ago
New Screenshot Page in the Works

http://www.bcfiles.com/file.stuff?body=Screenshots2 Remeber along time ago when I totaly shut down POTD to clean out several hundred pix?...

0 20 years ago
General Site Updates

1) Catagory changes "Conversions only" Catagory now changed to "No hardpoints" Because some people still don't get it. There are where the ...

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