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The greatest collection of ships, bridges, maps and modifications for this epic starship bridge simulation game! Gear up and take on the worst enemies of the Federation. Make it so!

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Star Trek: Bridge Commander E3 will grow bigger in '09

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has confirmed that the E3 Expo will return in 2009 with various improvements. Many in the industry have criticized the show in recent years with SEGA's US president Simon Jeffrey likening this year's E3 atmosphere to that of a hospital corridor. The ESA s...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Legacy Universe opens BC modding section with may exclusive WIPs

With many exclusive WIPs from BC master modders such as lint and Adonis, LegacyUniverse had successfully expanded into BC modding territory. Visit our site and be sure to have a first look at a whole new generation of BC modding. -blaXXer


Star Trek: Bridge Commander BC Mod Setup Wizard Builder

Bridge Commander Mod Setup Wizard Builder Here is a preview of what I've done on the BC-Mod Setup Wizard Builder, I'm working on. So far it will have the following features: Create setups with: Version Checking...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander File submission rules reminder

I've been seeing a few mods turn up lately without readme's or readme's that do not contain the authors name or any other credits. The only files that do NOT need a credits/readme file are video's where the credits are in the video itself (you may want to send a separate text version so we can copy...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Hpy V day

Happy Valentines Day Folks


Star Trek: Bridge Commander The ships of BCfiles Spawning an RPG Several fan made ships and kitbashes here on BCfiles have spawned a website which creates a deatiled history of many of the ships, although it changes the class names for some of them. If you have a suggestion for a ship to add into his...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Spelling Problems

Some of you have probably seens some of the recent arguements in comments over spelling mistakes. I realise some of you don't speak english as a primary language, or perhaps there are other reasons why you can't spell. Some of the mistakes I am seeing, however, is general carelessness. I know my spe...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Mission Scripting for Beginners...

Ever wondered how to set up your own missions in Bridge Commander? Always wanted to know how to set up ships, and give them their own AI's? Well now, you can. SimRex and JWattsJr have created a superb series of lessons aimed at those who want to script their own missions, from setting up a re...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander HAPPY NEW YEAR

HAPPY NEW YEAR as you all know as of 12/31/03 11:59.99 it was over 2003 is gone NOW it is a new year make it a good one and a funny pic to go with it


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Joystick's in BC

you can use a joystick in bc just go to this address, download the file and follow the instructions, if you have trouble email me at [email protected] signed Lord Apophis


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Attn Comcast/ATTBI cable service users

Anyone with this isp having an issue with slow BCfiles? I'm not talking about file downloads, I am refering to pix loading, pages, the forums..ect


Star Trek: Bridge Commander New "Screenshot Unavailiable" Graphic

Hello all! I decided to make a new graphic for any files which don't have screenshots. I have posted it as a screenshot with this article. Please tell me what you think. Thanks.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander New file catagory

I have placed a catagory called "MSC Space Vessels" under "ships". The items you will find here are ships that are not startrek, Bayblon 5, or starwars related. Ships from old video games, books, other sci-fi movies (Like Battle Beyond the stars, The Last Starfighter, Galaxy Quest..ect) or ships tha...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Free shipping this weekend on E-D Glasses!

I just received word that eDimensional's E-D Glasses as reviewed by BCFiles' Starforce 2 will be delivered for free this weekend. No shipping costs! If you haven't snagged a pair of these glasses yet, now is the time to do so!


Star Trek: Bridge Commander New nVidia Stereo Drivers - Improved 3D Support for the eDimensional E-D Glasses

Attention to the people who have purchased or are considering purchasing the eDimensaionl E-D Glasses as reviewed by, VA (March 2003)--- eDimensional, Inc. the leading provider of consumer PC virtual reality products and accessories including the renown patented E-D Glasses, a...


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