Star Trek: Bridge Commander

The greatest collection of ships, bridges, maps and modifications for this epic starship bridge simulation game! Gear up and take on the worst enemies of the Federation. Make it so!

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Star Trek: Bridge Commander Joystick's in BC

you can use a joystick in bc just go to this address, download the file and follow the instructions, if you have trouble email me at signed Lord Apophis


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Attn Comcast/ATTBI cable service users

Anyone with this isp having an issue with slow BCfiles? I'm not talking about file downloads, I am refering to pix loading, pages, the forums..ect


Star Trek: Bridge Commander New "Screenshot Unavailiable" Graphic

Hello all! I decided to make a new graphic for any files which don't have screenshots. I have posted it as a screenshot with this article. Please tell me what you think. Thanks.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander New file catagory

I have placed a catagory called "MSC Space Vessels" under "ships". The items you will find here are ships that are not startrek, Bayblon 5, or starwars related. Ships from old video games, books, other sci-fi movies (Like Battle Beyond the stars, The Last Starfighter, Galaxy Quest..ect) or ships that are totaly made up. (UFO's, area51, ect). The catagory...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Free shipping this weekend on E-D Glasses!

I just received word that eDimensional's E-D Glasses as reviewed by BCFiles' Starforce 2 will be delivered for free this weekend. No shipping costs! If you haven't snagged a pair of these glasses yet, now is the time to do so!


Star Trek: Bridge Commander New nVidia Stereo Drivers - Improved 3D Support for the eDimensional E-D Glasses

Attention to the people who have purchased or are considering purchasing the eDimensaionl E-D Glasses as reviewed by, VA (March 2003)--- eDimensional, Inc. the leading provider of consumer PC virtual reality products and accessories including the renown patented E-D Glasses, announces enhanced drivers created for the use of the E-D gla...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Editing your BCfiles posting profile-how to

Many people ahve been asking me how to get their lost password, or how to add their ICQ numbers to their profiles, and so on. Well, just fallow this link: This will allow you to edit your information. "Edit comments" does not function.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander I am sick of this crap!-Comment posters take notice!

I don't know how many others feel this way, but I am sick of the garbage that is constantly being posted in the ship download comments. When you enter a comment thread for a specific ship, that thread is for *That* ship/mod/soundpack..ect, not for requests not relating to that ship/item. Example "Where the *bleep* are the workbees and shuttles" If you wan...


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