Star Trek: Bridge Commander

The greatest collection of ships, bridges, maps and modifications for this epic starship bridge simulation game! Gear up and take on the worst enemies of the Federation. Make it so!

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Star Trek: Bridge Commander Adonis's Works in Progress

While chatting with Adonis on MSN. He took the liberty of showing me a sweet re-texture of the Romulan Winged Defender. It's always nice to see "new" feathers placed on such an (Old Bird). Next ,we have the astonishing Post TNG Cheyenne. Now everyone has there take on what "Post Nemesis" ships should look like. I think Adonis's take on the original -- Trek A...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander MadJohn's Sci-Fi Genre Ship Packs

During a recent inventory run of my CD-R's (I have many) I ran across a total of Five retro ship packs I was helping MadJohn out with back in 2005 (all from different Sci-Fi genres). Both of us really had forgotten these mods. Suffice it to say, these mods were all playable in game. So, I contacted MadJohn -- who I haven't chatted with in months -- about rel...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Star Trek Excalibur Teaser Picture

Here is a teaser picture from an upcoming mod called "Star Trek Excalibur", obviously based on the USS Excalibur an Excalibur class starship. The image was accidently submitted as an open news item on BCC, since the news item has been replaced with "March 1st". Hopefully we will find out more then. check out the image below


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Prepare for emergency saucer separation!

Continuing his tradition of dazeling us with amazing mods, here's another one to be out very soon...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Prometheus Bridge Progress

Alot of progress has been made with the Prometheus bridge the last few weeks; LCARS, animations, mesh, textures and most scripting is now completed. As such we can show you a few in-game shots of the bridge which is about to enter beta testing.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Interview from the SFC Community- The Chabbot Class

Fallen Warrior, Head of the Outalance modteam, has asked us to mirror this interview between himself and the author of the Chabbot class coming soon to BC: As head of OutaLance, I frequently see some very fine models being produced but none as stunning as Centurus' Chabot Refit that has been in the making for the last 5 or more months. So for everyone's b...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander More Fancy WIP's

3 Vessels shown: SNS-ified Wolf 359 Melburne By Erazoren Big *** borg busting Cannon refit Nebula By Erazoren And the NX Stability Aeroshuttle By MarkyD


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Mod Development: DJ Ship Pack

Some news from BCU for everyone: Well, i guess it's about time I announce this. I've been working on it for a couple of weeks now. Here's what the pack will include. -USS Supremus v. 2.0 (Supremus Class circa 2385) DONE -USS Trafalgar (Supremus Class circa 2388) MAYBE -USS Vimy Ridge (Victory Class circa 2335) DONE -USS Surigao (Victory Class circa...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Mantis Bridge Pix

Here's 4 nice shots showing the progress of the Mantis bridge. It's looking realy good, and the detail in the MSD and LCARS pannels is amazing.