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Star Trek: Bridge Commander BC Expansion Compition

Right for all you bc expansion fans heres a compition for you to win the expansion 2 days early, before realese. All you have to do is answer this question: How many new ships will there be in the expansion? A: 12 B: 27 C: 23 D: 19 Send your answer to Send your answer with "Bc competion" as your subject and your...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Temp Director of BC expansion

I am having a few problems with my Internet at the moment so Uss premontion is in tempory Director of the project. Any questions about the expansion ask premontion below in the comments. Uss_Donoghue p.s 38 days until realese of bc expansion


Star Trek: Bridge Commander BC expansion MP AI moved and Vice Director needed!!!

Recently we have has problems with the AI in the expansion so it is going to be moved to the second part of the expansion. This is because there is a lot of decoding in adding AI to MP (unless some 1 who know how to decode AI into MP very well). But there will be still new MP games in the expansion but with out AI in them. Sorry for any inconvenience invo...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Bc Expansion Update News

For all you people wanting to know more about the expansion, here is some information. Missions First of all we have new missions based on T.V episodes of TNG, DS9 (dominion wars) and voyager. As well as this we have all the TNG movies in missions. Multiplayer We have new MP games which now have AI included in tem. The new MP games include Specie...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander BC Epansion first Pics

Ok here are the first few pictures they look a bit rubbish but we will do some really good ones soon and also its 50 days till the realese of the expansion part 1. Uss_Donoghue and BC exp team


Star Trek: Bridge Commander BC Expansion in 2 halfs!!

We have decided to make the expansion in 2 halfs, The first part will come out as planned on the 25th of December 2003 and the second part will be out probally in mid March to beggining of April next year. The first part will contain all the ships and bridges and a selection of some missions, as well as new multiplayer games and new weapons etc etc. Th...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander More people needed for BC Expansion!!!

I have decided that if this expansion is going to go ahead we need more action and more people. We are looking for any one who can help in any way at all. We dont care if you have made 1 Hard point or you just think of ideas and they neather get put into action, well here is your chance. Just leave a note below in the comments in what you would like to...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander STBC EXP Voices Line

Right then for all those people who want to do a voice for the expansion could you please say this line: "Captain, Admril Jones is responding to our Hail" Then please record this and save it as an .Wav file and then send it to Thanking You Uss_Donoghue


Star Trek: Bridge Commander What starship are you?

What Class Starship are you? It's one of those surveys where the outcome depends on your answer. Find out what starship best describes you.