Star Trek: Bridge Commander

The greatest collection of ships, bridges, maps and modifications for this epic starship bridge simulation game! Gear up and take on the worst enemies of the Federation. Make it so!

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Star Trek: Bridge Commander OT: needs help

the guys at are making a new open source star trek game, and they need guys with all kinds of skill, head over and tell them what you can do.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Atlantis Strikes Again.

Hello all just a little OT message. I’ve been excepted into Devastation staff. And the Game should be out in a matter of two weeks or so. So people start Crackin open those piggy banks of yours cause this ones a must have...At least in my view ;)


Star Trek: Bridge Commander another shameless self-promotional news item-my own rpg come help the R>F>K>A> fight a new dark enemy hidden in the shadows of space.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander joke 4 u all :D Enjoy!


Star Trek: Bridge Commander a shameless self-promotional news item-my personal forum :P The above is a link to my new forums. I will be posting my current, past, and future modding projects here. Also, there is a forum dedicated to BCfiles. If you wish to discuss anything about bcfiles with me in a forum format, that would be the place. Also, other BCfiles staff who do mods and desire a forum may...