Star Trek: Bridge Commander

The greatest collection of ships, bridges, maps and modifications for this epic starship bridge simulation game! Gear up and take on the worst enemies of the Federation. Make it so!

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Star Trek: Bridge Commander USS Premonition has resigned

He has left due to school taking up all his time. Please be sure to take him off your contact list as he no longer has site access.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander New staff member

I've just added Darkthunder as a new filer. Hopefully this will help pick up some of the slack caused by admiral fareways computer problems and rankuf's broken BC cd.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander New Picture Manager

I am happy to announce our new PoTD Manager, Nateanite. Most of you may know him from as Site Administrator. We would like to welcome him aboard the BCFiles Staff and I expect ever member to treat him with the same respect you treat us and your fellow members as. BCFiles Administration ~USSAtlantis


Star Trek: Bridge Commander New Picture Manager needed

BCfiles needs a new picture manager. Your job will be exclusive to making sure every ship has atleast 1 or 2 good screenshots. There is a way to make pictures withnout needing to actualy install every ship and I'll explain that. If you're interested, post here. I am only looking for one person. Here is what is required: 1) A decent conenction for downloa...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander staff leaving

Book aka "lord apophis" is leaving. And just like in stargate, we haven't really gotten rid of him *evil laugh* as he says he still plans to contiue modding..... And as for SFC2BC, sounds like it's still going.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander New Picture Manager Hired

Dave from BCU is taking the position for now. He'll probably get started tomarrow by the sounds of it.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Picture Manager Needed

I am looking for a Picture manager for the site. This is what is required: 1) Decent video card, capable of high res textures and glows 2) Ability to convert BMP to jpg. 3) Decent upload speed 4)The ability to install mods to make pictures Your job will be to review all mods on the site (not all at once, ofcourse, but a few at a time) and make s...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander New staff member.

Okay I think some of you nice people now the new staff member on bcfiles but it is Uss_Donoghue , If you see him around don't get mad if he messes some thing just tell him or some one else that can fix it and Treat the new staffer nice now kids. :D Be sure to welcome him to the staff.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander USS Carter leaving....

USS Carter will be offline for about a month, I believe beginning this saturday. I just thought everyone should be aware that if something needs doing, it will need to be mailed to me instead. Hopefully, once he get's back online he will be able to continue his moderating duties and what not. Also, I've been hearing comments from varios staff that they...