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Star Trek: Bridge Commander Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Ricardo Montalban, whom we all know as "Khan" from STII, The Wrath of Khan, has died at age 88. You can read more about his complishements as an actor From memory alpha as well as a really good list of the various TV shows and movies he's been in on the link below Memory Alpha. http://memory-alph...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Majel Barrett Passes Away

Majel Barrett, 76, the widow of Gene Roddenberry passed away on December 18. She died of leukemia in her Bel-Air home. She will be most remember as Number One and as the voice of the computer, a role she reprised for the latest Star Trek movie.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Andreas Katsulas Remembered

Andreas Katsulas, Best known for his Trek reoccurring roles as "Commander Tomalak" in Star Trek: The Next Generation and as "Ambassador G'Kar" of Babylon 5. Has passed away of Lung Cancer on March 13th at the age of 59. Though his acting credits are numerous in both Television, Stage and the Big Scr...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Michael Piller and Charles Rocket Have died, as well as Director Robert Wise

Michael Piller was responsible for many, many hours of Startrek, working behind the scenes. Charles Rocket played the part of "Jippeq" in "The Disease," an episode of Startrek Voyager. Remember the Varro generation ship? Director Robert Wise Directed the first Startrek Movie. You can read Further ar...


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Admiral Cartwright (Brock Peters) Dies Once again we must remember another fallen icon of Startrek. You may remeber him as the Admiral in "Undiscovered Country" and Ben Sisco's father in DS9.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander James Doohan "Scotty" Is gone... I'm at a loss for words. Seems only recently he had attended his final startrek convention.


Star Trek: Bridge Commander Matt Jeffries dead This is the person who designed the original Constitution, and who's work has been a base for alot of startrek ship design.