Star Trek: Bridge Commander

The greatest collection of ships, bridges, maps and modifications for this epic starship bridge simulation game! Gear up and take on the worst enemies of the Federation. Make it so!

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All Files By Minion
Weapons Mod Minions Improved Phaser Pack

This alters the textures for the weapons - 'Phaser.tga' & 'Phaser27a.tga' and makes them look more like they should, ie less like continuous...


Canon TNG-DS9-VOY Ambassador Refit (High Resolution)

This is my file so I hate to blab about it but here goes Ive converted the textures to 1024X1024 High Resolution and added Torpedo tubes...



This is a redo of the P81 Bird of Prey. Ive added the Intire ship as Im not certain everyone has this scaled version and the Hardpoints may...


Federation Nakota Refit

This is a refit for the Unimatrix one Nakota. I was looking through some old ships and came upon it and decided to fly her. I noticed that t...


Federation Wickerman TMP Retexture

Ok ive redone the textures to more precise characteristics. See the screens below


The Outdated Abyss Wickerman TMP Retexture

This is a TMP retexture of Starforce Productions Wickerman Starship. It changes the High Resolution Blank Textures that Temporary supplied a...


Backgrounds New Nebula7

This is a New Nebula for the quickbattle starting map. Its a nice change of scenery ;)


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Klingon Klingon D2

Attack the Fed's old school style! A little slow and hard to turn, but if memory serves me right this ship pre-dates the D7, so it works. M...


Damage Textures Fire Damage

This Fire Damage is cool looks more realistic. I currently have this one replacing my current one.


No Screenshot
TMP 1701A HP Fix

This well fix the HP problems with the 1701 A. This mod fix does require the ship installed you can get it here


No Screenshot
Weapon sounds-sound only mods Cloak Sound FX's

This well replace the current Cloak sounds with better ones.