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Published by Adrian Țepeș 14 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Good day everyone, it seems the developer of the BIA HH: console cheat enabler mod has something important to add to the mod. Enjoy:) [quote]Hi, There is something I forgot to add to the read me, after you have added the cheat ini the first time and then start up the game it will ask you to back up the orgian file you will get three options "yes" "no" and "cancel" click "yes" and it should work, just take the file form the mod I created and drop it into the same place as before and fallow what I said a few lines ago hope this helps Anyone that needs more help contact me at : [email protected] and here are some if not all of the weapons codes: For example: givedataitem d_weapons.US.US_Bazooka d_weapons.DE.DE_WaltherP38 d_weapons.DE.DE_K98_Rifle d_weapons.DE.DE_G43 d_weapons.DE.DE_MP40 d_weapons.DE.DE_STG44 d_weapons.DE.DE_MG42 d_weapons.DE.DE_Panzershrek d_weapons.US.US_Colt1911 d_weapons.US.US_M1_Rifle d_weapons.US.US_M1C_Garand d_weapons.US.US_M1_Carbine d_weapons.US.US_Thompson d_weapons.US.US_1928_Tommy d_weapons.US.US_M3Grease d_weapons.US.US_Bar_M1918a2 d_weapons.US.US_M1919a4 d_weapons.US.US_Bazooka d_items.US_Grenade d_items.US_SatchelCharge[/quote]
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