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E3 '08 is over now but let's make a recap on the latest on Hell's Highway. GameSpy caught up with Gearbox's writer and story director Mike Neumann; according to them, BiA3 is essentially an improved installment over BiA1/2 with only better graphics -yet significant- and apposite tweaks tossed in the gameplay such as the new camera system and cover mechanics. The AI has too undergone an overhaul, it will no longer cheat on the player and will make realistic mistakes, just like the rest of us! Otherwise, the game sports an hour and a half of cutscenes meaning that the emphasis on story is still as strong and spans no less than 17 chapters; for that matter, Neumann promises that we won't be disappointed by the game's length. Sadly, no word about the multiplayer :( The full preview is posted right here: [url="http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/brothers-in-arms-earned-in-blood/890484p1.html"]GameSpy PC Preview - Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway[/url] GameSpot had a chance to catch up with both Mike Neumann and the Colonel as part of their live coverage. The latter did most of the talking, lingering at length over the historical setting of the game, stressing all along -and way too much in my opinion- how authentic and accurate it was from every angle and that he thought they had brought the genre to a higher level. Gameplay-wise, players will be able to turn off the new action cam as well as the suppression icons which oddly show up even through large obstacles like concrete walls. Regarding the game's Limited Edition®, besides a map from the battlefield, GameSpot's host added that it will include a comic book from Gearbox's very own Mike Neumann. To end with a flourish, figure of speech really, the game's release date has been pushed back once and again, by a whole month! It is now slated to hit stores on September 23rd, unless GameSpot did a realistic mistake when editing the movie :D

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