Earned in Blood Xbox Hands-on Preview

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[b]TeamXbox[/b] recently had the chance to play hands-on with a preview build of Earned in Blood Single Player; they posted their thoughts in a two-page article. The preview briefly reviews its story before lingering over the new Situational Intelligence system which will make the game much more challenging than was Road to Hi|| 30, more reactive and less predictable in particular. Sample: [quote]Even though the build we have is a bit on the tough side (the enemy A.I. is really jacked up, and ready to take your life in an instant), it’s apparent that the more potent and dynamic Axis troop intelligence completely changes the structure of this franchise. You’ll find that it’s of utmost importance to use Situational Awareness to pinpoint your enemy and try to guess what they are going to do. Plan on them to scatter, take cover, and eventually flank you if too much time passes between your offensive and their death. We can’t wait to see the final version of the excellent A.I. once the final ships at the beginning of October. As far as visuals, sound, and story, it’s much more of the same for the Brothers in Arms series. The graphics and audio track help to tell a narrative that is both powerful and educational, since these are the tales of actual war heroes. The slightly more organic look and enhanced textures help to give the entire project that war-torn sensation. The mo-cap does wonders for the dialogue situations, and it looks as though the delineation between Ally and Axis soldier animations and maneuvers has been sharpened too.[/quote] ---- Link: [url="http://previews.teamxbox.com/xbox/1168/Brothers-In-Arms-Earned-In-Blood/p1"]Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood - Single Player Impressions (Xbox)[/url]

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