Hell's Highway release date set!

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Well, it seems that the third installment in the [i]Brothers in Arms[/i] series, [b]Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway[/b] is going to be released Q1 2007! There is word that, in some places, the framerate is a little [i]"clunky"[/i], which is exceptable at this point in time, seeings how they still have approximately 8+ months before it's release. This game also boasts some impressive features, like a building that gets hit by a Nazi '88' shell and showers the approaching Allied forces with bricks and debris. Have a read from an article posted over at IGN: [quote]You can now control two fire-teams at a time and have a few new squad controls at your disposal. Some things are simple. You can order your squad to jump. It doesn't sound like much, but by pressing the left trigger and the jump button, a fire squad will leap over a wall and take cover wherever you order them to. Also, you can use left trigger plus the use/interact button to order your squad to take control of things like tanks and 88s. You can also go prone, a first for BIA. [b]In a word, sweet[/b]. Visually, Hell's Highway is pushing next-generation visuals to the limit. Smoke billows into the sky, dust flurries in the street, bricks and debris burst from explosions. There's depth of field as well as sweet motion blur effects. The framerate is still a bit clunky at times, but this game isn't coming out until Q1, 2007. In one impressive sequence, a squad of Germans stopped shooting an 88 at the Allied bombers overhead and trained the cannon on one of our fire squads moving in to take them out. My squad was taking cover next to a large church, and the 88 exploded a shot right on the church, sending bricks flying everywhere and the steeple of the church into the street. It just so happens that the ruined roof also gave good cover from the Germans, so we were able to duck behind it and cover our squad while they took new cover. None of this was scripted -- that church explodes in a variety of different ways and doesn't always end up in the street. Emergent gameplay. Hell's Highway is pushing next-gen graphics to the limit. [/quote] [url="http://pc.ign.com/articles/707/707687p1.html"]Source[/url] [img]http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/78/others/bia3sm_banner.jpg[/img] The possibilities for this BiA3 are unbounded, and with the release date, at this time, so far off...I can only hope that they come out with a public demo sometime soon! Here is another snippit of the good things to come taken from the official E3 website... [quote]There are a few exciting things about Baker’s recon squad. First, they go in on gliders that carry jeeps--these guys are mobile now. Second, they can attach a special third team from weapons platoon and use these special teams to kill the enemy or destroy pieces of the environment that the enemy may be hiding behind. This means that in addition to a fire team and an assault team, you will be able to command a Browning .30 caliber machine-gun team, a mortar team, a bazooka team, or even a radio man that can call for artillery or air support.[/quote] [url="http://www.e3insider.com/news/?articleID=UGK3VNB8R7"]Source[/url] Keep your eyes peeled as we will keep bringing you updates on Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway!

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