Houston Vehicles Review Of Brothers in Arms: Earned In Blood

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[url="http://www.houstonvehicles.com/"]Houston Vehicles[/url] have posted a review of Brothers in Arms: Earned In Blood, hopefully reading a review of this game might inspire some more people to invest in this great piece of work: [quote]The thing that makes this game so different is not only the story telling aspects of a real person who was actually on the ground in World War II, but also the fact the other characters that you meet up with are modeled after photos, and are indeed real people who were actually there. This makes for incredibly interesting game play aside from the fact that you have a squad with people under your command that you do become attached to and want to see make it out alive. One thing that kind of grips you instantly about Earned in Blood is that it is absolutely unique in the Genre, not only is your survival heavily reliant upon your team and their ability to provide suppressing fire as you or they flank the enemy, but you also notice that your become attached to your team. Call me an old softie or a wussie boy for getting kind of attached to a bunch of pixels, but it is nice to do more than a few missions with the same guys. ImageThe AI is one of the more aggressive bits of programming I’ve seen in awhile. At some points it does seem like you are simply running up to a staging area where you fire off at enemies from far away, after a few minutes of fire fighting you will soon find out that you are very very wrong. Say for instance you have 2 German soldiers across a field and you or your men are not providing suppressing fire but are simply trying to sneak around behind them. You may find yourself staring down the barrel of a German rifle as the enemy has outflanked you. This is especially evident in the higher difficulty levels. I really got my butt handed to me several times. With multiple paths to travel in certain missions you really need to be on the look out for the enemy. The levels provide a lot of opportunity for you to flank, and a lot of opportunity for you to learn that you’ve just screwed up bad enough to let the enemy out flank you.[/quote] To read the full review please visit Houston Vehicles by clicking [url="http://www.houstonvehicles.com/content/view/444/38/"]here[/url].

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