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The Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood Software Development Kit was created to give mod-makers the ability to modify and create content for BI...


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The Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood Software Development Kit was created to give mod-makers the ability to modify and create content for BIA. Now let's see some cool maps!

NOTE: Only install if your Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood disk didn't come with the SDK.

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Download 'biaeibsdkv1.0.exe' (14.8MB)

readme.txt            BIA EIB SDK Release Notes


=== Table of Contents ===
Introduction		I
Additional Information	II
SDK Sample Content	         IV
Feedback		         V

(I)	Introduction

This SDK release includes BIA tools (UnrealEd 
BIA Edition, MIG, etc), source script code for 
making BIA modifications, and Work in Progress 
documentation. These tools allow creation of 
Brothers in Arms maps, models, and materials. 
The source script code allows modifications for 
Brothers in Arms: Earned In Blood. 

(II)	Additional Information

1.   Mutator language files (.int, .est, .dst 
     etc) use “Mutator=” instead of the way the 
     Unreal Tournament games “Object=”.

2.   Added .dds texture exporter for exporting 
     DXT compressed textures.  This gives the 
     ability to export textures from packages.
     This texture exporter doesn't support BiA 

3.   IMPORTANT: If you are ever prompted from 
     UCC to overwrite any *classes.h file, it 
     means you have changed an UnrealScript 
     dependency on native (C++) code.  To avoid 
     this, never make changes to anything 
     relating to native code!  If you must, you 
     may modify classes in some cases.

(III)	BIA EIB SDK Features

1.   UnrealEd - Brothers in Arms Earned In Blood.

2.   BIA EIB: SDK Documentation.

	WARNING: These documents were created using
		 MS Word 2003. Some older versions
		 may have trouble opening/viewing
		 content in these files.

	- BIA_SDK_Vol1.0.doc

		SDK Overview

	  This volume contains a high-level 
	  overview of Gearbox specific changes 
	  to the Unreal Editor.  It also 
	  contains some additional information 
	  about Gearbox specific actors.

	- BIA_SDK_Vol2.0.doc

		Basic BIA Level Creation /w Combat


	  This volume will be used in conjunction 
	  with Sample_SI_Combat.gbxmap to learn how 
	  to build a basic level with SI (Situational
	  Intelligence) combat.

	- BIA_SDK_Vol3.0.doc

		Dedicated Servers

	  This volume includes information and
	  setup steps for creating and using
	  dedicated servers.

	- BIA_SDK_Vol4.0.doc


	  This volume includes additional 
	  information about the tools included
	  with this SDK.

	- BIA_SDK_Vol6.0.doc

		Single-player and Skirmish Actors & Standards

	  This volume describes the use and functions of
          various actors, as well as the standards used by
          Gearbox to create Single-player and Skirmish levels.

3.   MIG (Multipurpose Information Generator) – 
     A program used to create language files 
     which are used by BIA to load Single & 
     Multiplayer maps.

4.   Unreal Script code.

5.   Sample Art.

6.   Sample maps.

(IV)	SDK Sample Content

- SDK_Art
  This folder contains both sample source-2d 
  art, as well as source 3D and Animation art.

- Sample_SI_Combat.gbxmap


  This map gives a very specific example of how
  to set up BIA SI combat.  Please see the
  document BIA_SDK_Vol2.0.doc for more info.

- Sample_AI_Construct.gbxmap
  This map helps test the AI in a controlled 
  environment to plan single-player level 

- Sample_WeaponsTest.gbxmap
  This map helps test all the weapons and their 
  damage values, and accuracy at three ranges.  
  It’s also useful for benchmarking 
  modifications to suppression levels of enemy 

- Sample_MaterialSurface.gbxmap
  This map is good to test the surface effects 
  available to set to materials.  The surface 
  effect  marked in green, all have BIA sounds 
  and emitters, the ones in red are default 
  with the Unreal Engine.

(V)	Feedback

Please visit the SDK Home page to provide 
feedback and find out any news about the SDK.

© 2005 Gearbox Software, LLC. All Rights 
Reserved. Published and distributed by Ubisoft 
Entertainment under license form Gearbox 
Software, LLC.  Brothers In Arms Road to Hill 
30 is a trademark of Gearbox Software and used 
license.  Ubisoft,, and the Ubisoft 
logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in 
the U.S. and/or other countries. Gearbox 
Software and the Gearbox logo are registered 
trademarks of Gearbox Software, LLC.

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