{FOUO}Liberator's Realism mod

lrmmut_v14.zip —


Here is an updated version of the {FOUO}Liberator's Realism mod, a bug was fixed and is again, ready for release.

See the readme for complete details.



{FOUO}Liberator's Realism mod v0.14

I created this mod to add a little historical accuracy to the weapons used in BiA EiB.

Things this mod changes:

-Almost no zoom on weps
-Upped damage for all weapons based on historical muzzle energy
-Upped German and US grenade damage and radius
-Upped sway for all Snipers
-Lowered zoom for US Sniper (it only had a 2.2x scope)
-Raised zoom for FG42 sniper to match K98k sniper (they both used 4x scopes)

Where this mod works

This mod is intended for Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood version 1.02 but it may work with earlier versions. It currently only works in Multiplayer since loading mutators into Skirmish is a pain (but I'm working on it.)


Place the files contained in the zip file into your C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Gearbox Software\BrothersInArmsEiB\System folder (it may be another drive letter depending on where you install.)

When starting an MP game, choose Mutators and select LRMweps and click "Add." Now go back and start your new game. Mutator should be loaded. Everyone connecting to your server will auto download the mod.

If you can, place "LRM" in the title of your server so people wanting to play this mod can find servers.


Fixed a bug where I forgot to mod the US M3A1.

This is a complete hack job so I'm sure it's not perfect! Consider yourself a beta tester! Please send me a PM to Liberator on the Gearboxsoftware.com forums if you notice anything strange or have comments.


If you use any part of this mod for your own mod, please give me credit. I did a lot of work researching the settings.


Thanks of course to Botman for answering many a stupid question. Thanks to HippyGoth as well.

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