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Just what every-one's been waiting for!! Here is some actual game footage of Hell's Highway, and if this doesn't get the you salivating abo...


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Just what every-one's been waiting for!! Here is some actual game footage of Hell's Highway, and if this doesn't get the you salivating about the release of this exciting game...you better check for a pulse, you might be dead! This video shows some sweet action from the game as the character runs from an MG nested in a bell tower, to shooting a number of Germans using a fence as cover. This video also shows the hero taking a stumble and actually putting his hands out to break the fall!

If you already seen this, (then you are extremely on the ball) watch it again...it's better the second time around! For your convenience, this footage is available as a download, or if you prefer, I have embedded it here as well!


Gametrailers.com has also listed another trailer for you to watch, so you can see why Executive Producer Randy Pitchford thinks this is the most intense WWII shooter you will ever play:

See all of the Hell's Highway trailers available at Gametrailers.com here

There is an article on Team XBox with lots of great information on the game dynamics as well as the actual gameplay, this is a great review by Will Tuttle "KingTut"! Here are a few snippets that caught my interest:

If you played the previous games in the series, you’ll be happy to hear that Sgt. Matt Baker, the hero of Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 is back as the hero, although it looks like he’s beginning to feel the burden that can only come from being a leader of men [...] We learned that you’ll also bump into good old Sgt. Joe “Red” Hartsock at some point, as he’s commanding a squad of his own. While a familiarity with the previous games certainly isn’t a necessity when it comes to enjoying Hell’s Highway, it will probably help improve the experience a little bit.

One of the biggest changes made to the gameplay was the ability to take cover. In the previous games, all you could do was squat or lay down behind a wall to get away from enemy gunfire. Now, there’s a button-based, third-person cover system that’s reminiscent of the ones seen in Rainbow Six Vegas and GRAW. You can lean up against walls and other types of cover, leaning out or over to fire at foes or give orders. This allows the player to use different tactics depending on the situation. If you want to flank your enemies without being seen, just move from one piece of cover to the next, then give the attack order. Or, if you prefer, just take them on from the outset. However, there’s one thing you should definitely know: just because you’re behind cover doesn’t mean that you’re safe.

Read the whole article here!

Some great news indeed! I can't wait for this game to hit the shelves!!

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