Hell's Highway Launch Trailer

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Something sweet comes your way! We have, for your viewing pleasure, a revised version of Hell's Highway Launch Trailer! This video will have you foaming at the mouth while showing off some of the in-game footage of the third installment of the BiA franchise...so be sure to wipe that drool off your chin before going out in public!

The Hell's Highway Launch Trailer does just what it is intended to...it gets the excitement level up there and keeps the anticipation going! I've seen some sweet videos of this game since it was first announced, but this one is the best...it shows some of the gameplay, along with the level of blood/gore that can be available, which is what is to be expected during the fierce battles of the Second World War.

This trailer is definitely worth the price of a free download; For your convenience, and for the enjoyment of those that do not have high-speed...or don't want to wait for this massive 230 plus meg bundle of goodness to download, I have embedded it for you!

BIA Hell`s Highway Revised Launch Trailer (HD)



Download and enjoy or click play

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